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Not all dreams come true. This is a contest entry.
Greg kept repeating to himself, pay attention, pay attention as he entered history class, but as soon as he saw Kat Kramer all of his attention was on her. The way she sat with her legs crossed at her desk, her constant stroking of her hair and repositioning it, and her ridiculous laugh that caused her to snort, but he somehow found charming. Greg was definitely smitten.

Greg sat three seats back and two rows over, so he had the perfect view.

As he sat in his chair and watched her, he went into his day dreamer mode, in his mind, he imagined them walking in the park, holding hands. Kat giving him a kiss on the cheek and leaning on his shoulder. Them sharing a smoothie and slurping up the last bit of it together, and laughing about it.

Then his mind wandered off to them graduating college together and him asking her to marry him. Not to mention the three beautiful children they would have. Growing old together, what could be better than that, nothing as far as Greg could imagine at seventeen, he had found his true love. He was sure of that.

Then his daydream was interrupted when his history teacher dropped a book on the floor, and that’s when it happened, it was horrifying. It was something that was hard for him to accept and if he hadn’t seen it with his own eyes, he would not have believed it. Greg saw the whole thing and almost threw up in his mouth. It was like it all happened in slow motion. He watches Mr. Higgins bend over to pick up the book and that’s when Kat leaned over and kissed Megan on the mouth.

Paying attention to Mr. Higgins was no longer a problem!
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