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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Sci-fi · #2223701
Navy Lieutenant Haas helps save the planet putting conspiracy clues together.

YEAR 2021 after such a devastating welcoming into a new decade the world was on it’s way to recovery of an economic crash after a viral pandemic. Racial tensions roared the streets of America for times of change. They quickly changed when a new race, an alien race threatened their planet.


Off the coast of Egypt passing through the Red Sea was a Navy ship.
“Sir, we have an incoming message”.
The Captain commands his officer to put the message through. It comes through in what sounded jumbled and distorted.
“This is nothing Lieutenant. Carry on” the Captain demanded.
He continued to encrypt the message in seconds translating it in English. He replayed the message.
“Greetings from Planet Atum. Our people are sending you a gracious warning. We are coming back and we will conquer”.
The Captain turned “Lieutenant Haas. Get Admiral Reyes on the phone”.


“Captain” Reyes shouted on speaker phone.
“Admiral” he responded.
“We have a threat”. The Captain played the message in the foreign language first than repeated the message in English.
“Do you think this is legit Captain” he asked?
“I’m not sure” he responded.
Haas was in the room listening in. “What is that strange language?” Haas cleared his throat and the Captain looked at him. Haas stayed quite scared to talk.
“If you have something to say, say it Lieutenant” the Admiral spoke up.
“It’s Atlantean”. The Captain looks puzzled “what”?
“The language they speak in Atlantis” Haas explained. The Captain stares at him with a crazy look in his eye.
“Like the Lost City” the Admiral said”.
“Get back to work Lieutenant”.
A solider comes rushing in “sir you need to see this”.
“Admiral I’ll call you back”. They run up to the deck and hand him binoculars. The Captain looks as far as Cairo.
“There’s something going on with the Pyramids” a solider said. The largest and oldest Pyramid Khufu began opening up from the top.
“What the fu….” a silent nuclear flash wiped out more than half of the Middle East.


A couple days later Haas woke up in a military infirmary. He walked right in the middle of Admiral Reyes contemplating their plan of attack with the President of United States.
“What’s going on? What’s happening” he asked?
“Lieutenant Haas meet President Jay Walker III” Reyes introduced. The President shook Haas’s hand. “Thank you for your service. I’m glad you made it out alive. Admiral” he said walking out.
“Haas. Sit. There is no easy way to say this but we are under attack”. Haas stood up in a rampage “by who? The Russians? Isis”? Reyes calms him down.
“What is the last thing you remember”? Haas thought hard “I was below deck trying to ping where that message we received came from”. Reyes looked hopeful “have any luck”.
Perplexed Haas shook his head “my findings made no sense. It came from space”. Reyes nodded his head in agreement.
“Follow me” he said. Haas followed Reyes into a lab “we are at war right now Lieutenant and you were the only survivor from there initial point of attack. This is Dr. Hastings. Show him”.
Dr. Hastings pushes play. A clip of live footage that captured the blast and he watched as the light came out of the pyramid and the video goes dark. Reyes watches his face has Haas is taking in the unbelievable news.
“And this is now” Reyes pushes another button. Live footage of UFO’s and rocket ships in space flying around setting off missiles and fire power at one another.
“Sir, sign me up” he said confidently.
“Whoa. Haas you’re a tech guy. This is more your speed.”
“Sir, these assholes killed my comrades I want to take action”. Reyes sits Haas down “I need you to take action down here. You encrypted the message in world breaking seconds. I need you to figure out how to end these fuckers. We are losing up there Haas. Look I’m taking off I will be in contact. Help us save your planet Lieutenant”. Reyes put his hand up to salute and Haas saluted back.


A few hours have gone by and Haas even with the help of Dr. Hastings still has not come up with anything.
“I got something” Hasting yelled. Haas looks over at his computer. “It’s strange there is a hot spot under the water. Looks like the Mediterranean Sea”.
Haas waves it off. “I mean that’s unusual it should be at least 50 degrees and I’m reading like 150 degrees.”
Haas exhales frustrated “it’s probably the Nuclear”.
He replays the foreign language again and he gets mad tossing piles of papers off the desk. “I just wish I knew where this Altantean language fits in. I mean they’re aliens so shouldn’t they be speaking clingon or something”?
Dr. Hastings begins putting things together “Altantean? Like The Lost City”? He laughs.
“This is not funny Doctor.” Hastings stands up “I take it you liked the Disney movie growing up”. Haas shrugs his shoulders.
“Alantean is not a real language. It’s made up”. Hastings walks over to the computer and starts typing.
“The guy who wrote the movie based the language on Sumerian. Which is one of the first languages in recorded history. In turn actually helped decipher Egyptian hieroglyphics. But this doesn’t sound Sumerian”.
Haas rolls his eyes “what are you some sort of expert”.
Hastings looked at him “I minored in foreign languages, so, yes”.
Haas clears his throat.
“If I’m right. Aah, yes”. He turns the computer for Haas to look. “Archaic Egyptian. One of the worlds first languages”.
Haas nods his head “makes sense. I mean we were off the coast when the Pyramids blew up”.
Haas looked excited as he came up with an idea.
“Where was the location on that hot spot again?” Haas runs over to the GPS “just off the coast of Crete”.
Haas looks at Hastings intensely. Without no words the Doctor knew what he was thinking.
“No” he said.
“All the evidence shows”.
“What evidence. We do not have any evidence to prove that the Lost City of Atlantis is real. No proof”.
Haas contorts his face “real. Doctor. We are under attack by fucking aliens right now. Come on you know as well as I do the conspiracy on the Pyramids and aliens. Hear me out what if that heat that is coming up from the same god damn location that Plato predicted that the city of Atlantis would be is powered by the same light that came out of the Pyramid”.
Hastings brushed him off “that’s a stretch.”
The phone rings and Haas was quick to answer “sir”.
“No it is President Walker”.
“Oh, sorry, Mr. President. I was waiting on contact from Admiral Reyes.”
The president interrupts him “Haas. Reyes didn’t make it. I need to know did you have a break through”.
Haas hesitates but makes a judgement call “Mr. President I have a hunch but I need clearance for a ship”.


Haas dragged Dr. Hastings on a mission. He had got clearance from the President to take a submarine. They were coasting through the Mediterranean getting closer to the coordinates. Right before their eyes they see a lit up giant circle shaped metal object slowly begin to float up to the surface. They both look at each other surprised. Haas sees an opening and he continues to drive through.
When they make it through believing they found the Lost City of Atlantis quickly turned into something else unimaginable. They put on scuba diving gear and leave the submarine to explore. They have no problem seeing the entire floating object was bright. They swam down these long hallways coming across hieroglyphics on the walls.
“What are these pictures of” Haas asked?
“They look like Pharaohs Lieutenant” Hastings answered. They continue to swim around seeing more hieroglyphics on the walls of UFOs and the Pyramids of Giza. They come to a huge metal door with it seemed to need a pass code to get in. Lieutenant Haas tried a few times than got it on his fourth try.
“What was it” Hasting asked?
“God” he answered.
“What the hell made you think of that”?
“The 90s movie Hackers.” He says a quote from the film.
“ the four most-used passwords are: love, sex, secret, and... God”.
Dr. Hastings shakes his head. “You watch too many movies”.
Haas defends himself “hey, my movie knowledge got us here”.
They walk into a command center with advanced technology.
“Oh, my god. Do you know what we are in Lieutenant” he asked? Haas shakes his head no.
“This is a UFO. The Lost City of Atlantis has been and Alien space craft all these years.”
Haas looks confused “but what does this have to do with the invasion or Egypt”? They swim around taking pictures of their findings with under water cameras. Hastings touches the walls “these pictures tell a story. You said the pass code was God.”
The ship begins to shake violently.
“We are getting closer to the surface” Hasting said.
Another voice comes through “Lieutenant. This is the President. The Aliens have breached our ozone. I repeat the Aliens have breached our ozone”.
“Fuck” Haas said swimming back to the command center.
“Okay. This ship is fucking huge it has to be the mother ship. It should be able to control all of the other ships”. Haas hacks into the system and pushes a red button that imploded all the smaller alien crafts flying around the Earth. The President came through once more “we won. We won. Good job Lieutenant”.
They finally reached the surface and they climbed out standing on top of the space ship.
“Thank you sir. Now all we need is a ride home”.


They reached the white house where they got a round of applause for saving the world but the President had questions.
“So, how did you do it” he asked?
Haas and Hastings looked at one another
“Well, your not going to believe but we found the Lost City of Atlantis” Haas explained. “Huh” the President replied.
“Well, it never actually was city sir. You see it has been a UFO this whole time” Hastings explained.
“Yeah look at these pictures of the command center” Haas said. He looked through the pictures.
“I hacked into the data base and clicked basically the fuck you button and they were toast” Haas finished.
“I’m confused what does these pictures have to do with the invasion? And how do we destroy their Planet Atum so this can never happen again.
“What did you call the Planet” Dr. Hastings asked? “Atum. Whatever that means” President Walker said. Dr. Hasting grabbed the pictures and flipped through them. “What are you doing” Haas said pointing out his odd behavior.
“Here. Look at these hieroglyphs we took a picture off. These are the first Pharaohs of Egypt. Osiris, Horas, Anubis and Atum. And look at this one of the UFO. Remember Lieutenant you said the pass code was god. Maybe all the conspiracies were right. My best guess would be that the Aliens came long ago and built this city for these Pharaohs to be Gods on our planet and conquer but something went wrong and the mother ship went down. Burying itself deep on the bottom of the sea.”
Haas is taking it all in “but why now” he asked?
“For one they probably didn’t know where to look. We couldn’t find it either. All this time this Myth has been at the bottom of our feet. Answers to our universe. All man, this is going to be huge news.”
President Walker rips the pictures out of the doctors hands. “This won’t be leaked.” “What” Hastings said confused.
“It’s not time for the truth yet”.
Hastings contorts his face “not time. The whole world was part of an alien invasion how do you plan to cover that up.
“Military project”. Hastings scoffs “how long do you think people will believe that one”. The president shrugs.
“I’ll go public. I’ll tell the truth. You can’t stop me”. He snaps his fingers and secret service gripped up Hastings.
“Get rid of him”. He screams “no. No.” as they dragged him out.
President Walker looks at Haas “do we understand each other Lieutenant” he asked? “Yes, sir” he replied. He nods.
“Thank you for your service. Now get out of my office”.


After Haas left the President made sure all the shades were down. He walked over to the fire place and started a fire. He walked over and poured himself a glass of whisky. He took a sip and grabbed the pictures. He flipped through them laughing. The fire was hot enough now and he tossed them in. While watching them burn the President pulled off his skin revealing his true self.

“If only they really knew” he uttered.
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