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Western setting in Texas around 1873, 14 year old boy...

Author's Note**
This is the very rough first draft. Come visit every so often.
I'm aiming at middle schoolers and high school readers--adults too,and grandparent Baby Boomers to catch all the references. I'm proceeding from the assumption that names of actors are no longer covered by copyright
restrictions.If this copyright assumption is wrong, send me an email at patrice@writing.com.


Ma just about tore my shirt off when she grabbed my arm and shoulder get me out of the general store with her. Ma's like that. As soon as she made her mind up about something, Ma took care of it right then and there. I had been looking at all the different colors and shapes in the big jars of candy on the side shelf. Ma had a list of food and supplies we would need for a month or so, and she handed it to Mr Drucker.

She then went about her investigation, making a mess bigger than I ever made. But looking at all the dress material in the only general store in town She took special interest in the shiny materials, soft feeling material, and netting. She spread out all the beautiful choices of cloth and rolled them off the bolt to imagine the transformation to a beautiful dress. Heck, I even liked the clothes she made. Lately Ma was making saloon girl dresses.

Mr. Drucker knew he was out of a few items she needed, Some might still be in the storeroom. He expected another outburst from Mama so he started on her first with that creepy voice he turned on with his most serious face.

Mr. Drucker said something to Ma about the list being awful short. Ma was insulted, especially since we did not have much money right now.That's what he meant. In a different mood she would have blasted Sam with a barrage of Bible quotes and personal insults. Not today.

Sometimes at home Pa said Ma cackled like a hen., and then he always said "I Love you Wife.' "Then Ma said, "I love you husband."and Pa said said",I love you husband., She got mighty loud and screechy at any perceived affront, and I would try to hide somewhere, disassociate myself.

There was no point in asking for candy now. We already left our supply order, but maybe when we came back for Mr. Drucker to load the wagon, I might have another chance for candy. Ma told me all the time that I was past the age of eating candy. I liked it anyhow. I seen some tied down pistols on gunfighters, and I seen some of them very same cowpokes. They was licking hard and fast, like a small head could finish a salt like fast.
Ilicking candy the wters wear.to keep the cattle drinking

Ma pushed me out of the store and onto the boardwalk. She let loose of me when we were out by the street. I clunked the heels of my boots on the boardwalk so the noise echoed and produced the gait of a much heavier man. Ma's dress was kicking up because of the wind. She finally let go of my hand to hold on to her skirt from flying all over, and keep her hat from flying off her head. If you looked up main street, to the north of the town, you knew there was some kind of weather about to hit the town.

My eyes were already stinging from the amount of blowing sand. I saw tears in Ma's eyes. She wasn't crying upset over anything. That mood was usually saved for special family arguments. At times Ma cried, and she never told me why. Her eyes were getting sand blasted also. We needed to get off the board walk to shelter inside. somewhere

The men left on the street were leading their horses toward the livery stable. A good number of horses had kerchiefs or something covering their eyes. I need a break. I think I just added a trail herding pa, coming back with stories, during time lil sis is born

A little further down the street, Ma grabbed me again and pushed me in front of her as we entered the big hotel lobby.

Writer's note; I realized at this point I have a voice problem. I thought the story was a boy growing into a man. I thought this was going to be 1st person, with the 14 year old boy telling the story.

This is not right. I'm using my usual professional academic voice. He's not school educated, and his way of putting things should be part of his character--like Gomer Pyle.
Vernacular for a teen in 1874 . I know I didn't realize until after it "set" awhile.

I realized the name 'Saga' was a wrong name for a novella. I want to finish this this tale.

I'm thinking backwards in the story. I want Ma to be dresses in a purple saloon dress. The ladies of the town snubbed ma. She was doing her best to have enough money for food.

So Ma wore her newly finished Saloon dress to tried to sell it. Ma was a good seamstress, but women had no extra money for frills.
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