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A school teacher suffers embarrassment after accidentally ripping her favourite skirt.
Twenty-seven year old school teacher Sally Robertson was rudely awakened from her dreams by the sound of her alarm clock, kissed her still asleep wife Lauren then got up and had a shower.

The young woman was 5'7, 147 pounds, had beautiful short light blond hair and brown eyes.

After her shower, Sally put her black bra, which covered her slightly big breasts and white panties with tiny strawberries on them then put her black sweater before putting her favourite dark blue pencil skirt, which took a bit of effort to put on due to her curvaceous hips and bubble butt and said, "Wow, my butt has definitely gotten big recently, no wonder I can hear wolf whistles from behind me in the classroom."

She then put on her black shoes and denim jacket then looked in the mirror and said, "Not bad at all, Mrs Robertson," before going downstairs and have breakfast with her wife, who has woken up and gone downstairs but was still in her pyjamas.

The young blond did the dishes, hugged and kissed her wife, put on a tiny bit of make up then grabbed her bag, left her house, got into her car and drove to the school.

Sally soon arrived, got out of her car and was about to go inside when she suddenly spotted a red rose and put over it then was absolutely horrified to suddenly hear a loud RIP sound come from behind her.

The young woman then looked around and saw that the seat of her skirt had split, exposing her underwear.

Sally's face turned beet red with embarrassment as she quickly grabbed the red rose and put it in her hair before quickly using her denim jacket to cover the hole in her skirt.

The young blond then checked her watch and realised that she would unfortunately have to wait until lunchtime to change her skirt as her first class was in just over an hour and still had to finish preparing her lesson and some marking.

Sally then went inside the school and walked passed the front desk secretary, who was about to briefly see her underwear and said, "nice choice of underwear, Mrs Robertson, definitely very cute," as she then began giggling.

The teacher felt embarrassed but continued walking and soon made to her classroom, unlocked the door, went inside, shut down the door and bent over to grab some paper and pens out out a filing cabinet.

She then suddenly heard laughter coming from behind her then a voice begin chanting, "I see London, I see France, I see Sally's underpants," and realised that it belonged to her extremely confused assistant Emma.

The humiliated Sally explained the entire situation as Emma said, "Oh, you poor thing, your love of biscuits and sweets has definitely come back to haunt you, I'll make sure none of the students see your underwear," as she tried to keep herself from laughing.

The young blond said, "Thanks Emma, I really appreciate that," as she sat down on her chair at her desk and didn't budge from the entire morning with her assistant helping the students.

The bell ran for lunch and all the students quickly disappeared from the class as Sallly got up from her chair and was about to run to her car when another teacher at the school, her close friend Charlotte walke walked in and said, "Sally, I heard about your predicament from Emma and I know exactly what it's to be in your shoes because accidentally tore my dress during a lesson and all my students saw my underwear, so here's something I think might help. "

She was then handed the young woman a bag containing a short dark blue skirt and some black tights.

The young woman said, "Oh my god Charlotte, thank you very much, I'll definitely pay you back for this," as she then tried to take off her torn skirt but was absolutely shocked to discover that it just wouldn't budge no matter how hard she pulled on.

Sally placed her right hand over her face in disbelief and said, "Today just isn't my day, girls, give me a hand," as she put over her desk as Charlotte locked the door then grabbed onto the skirt and Emma, who been inside a cupboard sorting out some things quickly grabbed onto Charlotte's waist as the two pulled and pulled with all their strength until finally, the skirt came off, sending the two tumbling backwards into a heap on the floor.

The teacher said, "Thank goodness for that," as she then ran into the cupboard and changed into the skirt and tights as Charlotte helped Emma back to her feet as the trio began laughing at the ridiculousness of the entire situation before going to get some lunch together.

Sally told Lauren the entire story that night, causing to burst into laughter and said, "No more dessert for you for a few weeks," as she then jokingly smacked her bubble butt as the two began laughing then sat down to have their dinner.

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