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After accidentally ripping her skirt,a school teacher tries to prevent anyone finding out.
Twenty-seven year old school teacher Sally Robertson was rudely awakened by the sound of her alarm clock as she got out of bed and streched before kissing her wife Lauren and going to have a shower.

The young woman was 5'6,149 pounds,had short light blond hair and brown eyes.

After her shower,Sally put on her bra and and panties before putting on her t-shirt and her skirt which took some effort to fit over her curvy lower half as she remarked, "Man,my butt is getting big."

She then put on her socks and trainers then put on her denim jacket and admired herself in the mirror and said, "Not bad at all,miss Robertson."

The young blond then had breakfast with her wife before hugging and kissing her goodbye as she then got in her car and drove to the school.

Sally soon arrived and was about to go inside but noticed a pink rose and bent over to pick it up when she was horrified to hear a RIP sound.

The young woman then turned her head and saw that her skirt now had a massive hole in it,exposing her bubble butt which was barely covered by white panties with tiny strawberries on them.

Sally,who had then quickly grabbed the red rose and put in her hair before quickly using her denim jacket to cover up the hole in her skirt and said, "I just need to make sure no one sees before lunch then I can go home and change."

The young blond then went inside the school and walked to her school and only heard a few giggles from the secretary as she did it.

Sally began planning the day's work until her assistant Emma arrived,who burst into laughter when she heard the situation and saw the hole but promised to tell no one and make sure no one saw it.

The young woman's students then arrived and the lesson began and went great as someone did ask her for help but fortunately,their desk was at the back of the classroom so no one was able to see the hole.

The lunch bell rang as all the students quickly exited the classroom so Sally grabbed her car keys and rushed to her cat and was about to get in when she suddenly heard a voice say, "I see London,I see France,I see Sally's underpants," and realised that it belonged to her best friend Charlotte,another teacher at the school.

The young blond felt so embarrassed but her best friend said, "I was in your shoes last week when I accidentally tore my dress during a lesson and all my students saw my underwear,here's something I think might help," as she was ten handed a bag containing a short dark blue skirt and some black tights.

"Thank you so much for this,I definitely owe you," said Sally as she then tried to remove her torn skirt but was shocked to discover that it just wouldn't come off.
"Oh my god,Charlotte,it's stuck,help me please," said the young woman as she grabbed onto the top of it as her best friend pulled and pulled on the skirt with all her strength until finally,it came off.

Charlotte then tumbled backwards onto the grass and said, "I've got it," as Sally put on the tights and the new skirt as the two then began laughing at the ridiculousness of the situation as they went inside to have their lunch together.

The young blond returned that night and told her wife about the incident as Lauren, who burst into laughter then jokingly smacked her behind and said, "No more dessert for you for a while," as Sally began laughing as well as the two then sat down to eat their dinner.
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