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A greater diversity of genetic transfer takes place as humanity takes root.
Well, after a fitful night of tossing and turning, my bio-processor churned up some new data.

It's true, there is plenty going on in our dreams that is totally beyond what our daily awareness is "Aware Of." I'de been thinking about the Anunnaki and Artificial Intelligence, when something different came to mind. Maybe it was prompted by all the rioting and looting going on.

The Anunnaki were no strangers to civil unrest. There was strife on their home planet and it found its way to Earth. Stitchin says these space visitors rebelled against the Nefilim, their leadership cadre, when conditions in the gold mines became intolerable. Their solution was mixing Anunnaki DNA with hominid ape girls, and creating a human workforce. As time went on there was another recorded incident where severe working conditions led the Annunaki to demand concessions.

Prior to the Great Flood, there was a guild of space operators (known as Igigi) orbiting above the earth, with the mission of insuring the transshipment of gold to Nibiru. These operators numbered about three hundred and the daily grind of duties offered little opportunity for rest and recuperation. Visualize a bunch of sailors dreaming of some time off in a liberty port.

Page 116 Extraterrestrial Origins of Humanity. M.J. Evans

"... those who manned the space stations claimed they had no opportunity for respite from their duties. Their long tours of duty, precluded access to females, a situation that contributed to their grievances. When some of these Igigi (Those who Observe and See) were allowed to come down to earth, it did not take long before they observed that the females born to humans were fair and enticing. This TABLET excerpt explains the situation that developed:"

And it came to pass,
When the Earthlings began to increase in number
Upon the face of the Earth,
And daughters were born onto them,
That the sons of the Elohim
Saw the daughters of the Earthlings
that they were compatible.
And they took onto themselves
Wives of whatever they chose.

This shows interracial sex taking place after the original Anunniki birth mothers provided root stock, via artificial insemination. As the "product improved" humans showed increase, old fashioned intercourse became the accepted means and led to an even more genetically diverse offspring.
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