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by Natty
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I was feeling creative listening to music so made this love letter. hope you enjoy it.
My dearest love,
Being so far away from you. Unable to feel your embrace, your fingers through my hair, your bite marks on my neck these memories have me craving you so that I spend my nights wishing upon the moon and star to be teleported to you on wings of roses. I hope you are well my darling and I miss you eternally. Did you know my love? I am forever captivated entrapped by your beauty longing to hold you against me. In my dreams I see you. Your skin as white and soft as the finest silk, eyes like rare green gems causing my very soul to become trapped submitting to your every need. My heart is pining for you desiring you just to be near me. You are my every beat of my heart my every thought the reason I take each breath. I remember our last time together before you had to go holding your thigh as you pinned me under you kissing with such fierceness that my lip bled the marks we laid upon each other cementing our passion. My love I hope soon we can be with each other once more so that I lay with you. Your scent drives me deep into lust as now as I look upon the night sky, Stars shining like jewels I again think of you my love. I wish goodnight and that the shadows watch over you always, Till I write again. My love is yours forever.

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