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by King
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Amanda Young is a high schooler living in 2054, and this is her story and reality.
Amanda stood in front of her AMI bathroom mirror listening to it reading the few thing's on her schedule. School, hour and a half to watch her vid. homework from the academy, Dinner, then another half hour to begin her Debate project. "Amanda you have the beginnings of a cavity in your left rear tooth, there should be a bottle of tooth regrow in your upper left drawer." She closed the app while she dug around in the drawer. Amanda grabbed a glass of water and swallowed the pill gagging at the after taste. She was about to leave when AMI spoke up.

{{linespace:2.0}/linespace} Amanda, you have class in an hour and you will need to hurry if you are going to be on time.

Amanda tuned and ran out of the bathroom and dove into her closet before she came out five minuets later dressed. "Take a Jacket 'Manda." Her AI Jen said from her digital room on a Digital coast "It's supposed to start raining and thundering around ten and won't stop until one thirty this afternoon." Amanda nodded and grabbed her lime green poncho off the hook. Running into the kitchen her toast popped out of the toaster and she buttered it quickly before running into the garage to grab her compression bike, the front door locking behind her. Riding out into the country road Amanda pedaled taking the slightly quicker rout to the bus center. The community busses where great for student's attend school's not in the small cities, Ths busses were huge on two wheel leg's that could raise and lower the bus height to fit under bridges. Reaching the stop she raised her cell watch to the pay station and made her selection for Michigan's High School for Art's and Robotic's. re-compressing her bike she walked on and took a seat she looked at her watch for the time, 7:11 am. Good Amanda had always preferred being early over being late.

          Amanda tapped her watch and flicked the holo screen up and typed out a message to her friend's Will and Joe letting them know she would meet them in the classroom. Closing out of it she leaned back in her seuat and shut her eyes. She felt the bus lower at it went under a bridge. A couple minutes later Amanda heard her stop called over the speaker's. grabbing her bag and compressed bike she climbed down the step's and let her bike expand before she pedaled the last two block's to her school. just before she reached the bottom of the stairs she hopped off the bike and compressed it. Opening the doors to the silent school hallway's Amanda deposited the bike into her locker.and walked to her class to start early.on her core classes. "Good morning Mrs. Clark."

          "Morning Amanda,your actually a little late today."

          "Bus had to take a detour, can I ask you a couple of question's about the video work from last night?"


They spent the next fifteen minuets running over Amanda's math question's. Until Joe and Will walked in. Amanda had to do a double take when she looked at Joe. Joe had walked in in green shoes and sock's a fluffy yellow skirt, and a brown blouse, her blonde hair seemed the same shade as the sun out of a kids crayon drawing. "Joe," Amanda said "I know your a flower child and all, but isn't this a little too far?" Will laughed his wavy blue hair bouncing as his shoulders shook.
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