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How the Anunnaki Workforce came to be
Whoever it was who created life and seeded it on this Earth has a rightful claim to the title GOD. It certainly wasn't the Anunnaki. They might have been advanced in the technology of space travel but otherwise appear to be little more than opportunists in search of a quick buck (Gold).

It would appear that they were not very far removed genetically from the primitive apes that roamed Earth. Think about it! We can barely breed a sterile mule. So the Anunnaki must have been closer DNA wise, to a hominid, than a donkey is to a horse. This is evidenced by the humanoid offspring that resulted when the sperm of Anunnaki males were mixed via in vitro fertilization with the eggs of hominid females and implanted in the wombs of Anunnaki birth mothers. What they did was no great feat of genetic engineering. Today we are talking about using CRISPER to splice genes and make designer babies, and maybe even bringing back the wholly mammoth. This is rocket science biology compared to what the Anunnaki supposedly did in creating a human work force. If you want to learn the easy part, come to Wisconsin and see how heifers are bred.

So why is it so hard believing what the mud tablets are trying to tell us? There's no claim made that GOD wasn't the one who originally planted the Garden of Eden. There is no real conflict with Darwin's Theory of Evolution. Nobody is saying that GOD doesn't exist or that evolution doesn't happen. As a matter of fact, what Sitchin's translation does do, is support the record as we know it. Archeologists have yet to find that elusive "missing link" probably because it isn't there. This is because the human race was jump started, tens of thousands of years ago, to provide a labor force. It looks to be as simple as that. I doubt that anyone, digging around for bones, is ever going to show otherwise.

It could well be that the Anunnaki were not that close a match to a hominid ape girl. It could well be that some world class biology was required to make the experiment successful. EKI and his half sister Ninhursag, were the scientists who were in charge of the project. The tablets record:

The Legacy of Zecharia Sitchin, 90-93, M.J.Evans

I will produce a lowly primitive;
"Man" shall be is name.
I will create a Primitive Worker;
He will be charged with service of the gods,(Anunnaki)
That they might have their ease.

Sitchin states...

Man is the product of evolution, but modern man, Homo Sapiens, is the product of the "gods." For some time, circa 300,000 years ago, the Nefilim took ape-man, (Homo Erectus,) and implanted on him their own image and likeness.

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