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An ongoing story about Kovu and Kiara

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Chapter 8

As Vitani headed back to Pride Rock, she caught the attention of the animals. They murmured amongst each other as she passed by.

"What's she doing?"

"Is that a hyena?"

"Where's she taking her?"

"Are they headed to Pride Rock?"

"Why is that hyena here?"

Aiube frowned, and hid her face in Vitani's neck. "Are they talking about me?"

Vitani frowned as she looked back at the gossiping animals.

"I think so …" She sighed, her voice low.

"Oh." Aiube frowned, and buried her face even deeper into Vitani's fur.

"Why don't I tell you another story to keep your mind off it?" Vitani asked.

"Okay!" She sounded excited about the idea.

"Anything specific?"

Aiube thought for a second. "... What happened when you got hurt … in The Outlands I mean."

Vitani sighed a bit. "It didn't go as smooth as it does here …"

Kovu crawled on the ground, his eyes set on Vitani who was perched on a rock. A small, playful snarl escaped his lips as he pounced at her from behind, and tried to pin her down.

"Hey!" Vitani laughed, managing to pin him instead. "You thought you could sneak up on me, huh!?"

Kovu laughed and pawed at her face. "Well, I did sneak up on you."

"But I'm the one who won." She laughed.

"That's what you think!" Kovu teased, pushing her off.

Vitani stumbled back, hitting her head on another rock.

"Vitani!" Kovu panicked and ran over to her. "Vitani, are you okay!?"

She let out a groan of pain as she looked up at Kovu, her eyelids half were small patches of blood nearby.

His breathing increased, as he looked around in a panic. "Nuka!"

There was a loud groan as their older brother trudged over. "What is it you little termite!?"

"Vitani's hurt!" Kovu whined.

Nuka narrowed his eyes in suspicion. "What do you mean Vitani's hurt?"

"She … she … she's bleeding!" Kovu whimpered out.

Nuka rolled his eyes. "It's probably not that bad you baby."

Vitani tilted her head and could only see a large blur of brown getting closer. "Nuka?"

Nuka's eyes widened. "Oh … oh! Vitani!" He panicked as his paws started to pool in her blood. "M … Mother! Mother!"

"Stop … yelling …" Vitani groaned, moving her paws to her ears.

"Mother! Mother!" Nuka yelled again, stepping out of the blood. "Mother!"

Kovu went over to Vitani and put his paw on her back. "Vitani, are you okay?"

Vitani let out a small groan, turning to face him.

"What is it Nuka!?' Zira snarled in annoyance.

"Mother, Vitani is …"

Vitani couldn't make out words anymore as her vision started to fade. She could hear Zira and Nuka's frantic conversation, and Kovu still talking to her.

The last thing she saw before passing out, was someone rushing over to her.

Vitani woke up, still groggy, to her head being groomed. She nuzzled into the lion's chest, relaxing her wound was cleaned.

She let out a goan on accident, which was met with a soft nuzzle and purr. Her vision was still blurred and her ears ringing.

Vitani wanted to look at her mother and tried to turn her head towards her. The lion put their paw on her back softly, and forced her to stay still.

Vitani snuggled deeper into the lion's front legs and tried to relax. She stayed like this for a while, drifting in and out of consciousness.

Finally her ears stopped ringing, and her vision cleared up. She slowly turned her head again. "Mother?"

This was met with a deep laugh. "I'm not mom."

"Oh, Nuka?" Vitani asked, groggily.

"Yeah, ya little termite, it's me." Nuka said, although his voice remained gentle.

"Thanks .." Vitani mumbled out, feeling suddenly a bit bashful.

"Don't worry about it, termite." He said, before grooming her fur more. "Are you feeling better?"

"A bit yeah … Where's mom anyway?"

Nuka let out a groan of disgust and rolled his eyes. "Training Kovu."

"Oh … "Vitani frowned and snuggled deeper into Nuka's paws. "That's all she seems to do anymore …"

"I know." Nuka groaned. "It's always Kovu this, Kovu that! I'm sick of it!"

Vitani grimaced and held her ears again. She still had a splitting headache and her brother's complaining wasn't helping much. "Don't worry Nuka, it'll be worth it when we're back in The Pride Lands …"

Nuka reponses through his teeth, "It better …"

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