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Governor and Mayor let protesters looters destroy New York businesses for days.
New York City has given herself to
strangers. They've left her torn and
tattered, now she lies in a heap of
ashes. She has been molested and
now the proud City staggers as she
looks for those responsible for
protecting her.

Who can restore her to her former
glory?. The officials whose job it was
to protect and serve her citizens let
the strangers have their way with her.
What will become of the beloved City
now? Shops and places of business
are left open smoldering, yes open
for all to see and abuse.

The police have been thrown to the
mob and its dissidents. The Liberal
Mayor still doesn't understand how
to manage a working relationship
with the police department. Their
hands are tied as the Mayor's
orders favor the malcontents.

Yes, Bill De Blasio would rather allow
mobs rule instead of standing by the
police. New York has one of the best
police departments in the country.
Who has their back's? whose side is
the Mayor on?

Criminals are arrested and back on
the streets in just a few hours. Letting
them go without bail, bail is one of the latest
benefits for the rebels. Letting the
destroyers of the City go. What does
protect and serve mean anyway?

Meanwhile the National Guard is waiting,
ready to stop the assault on the great
City. if all of this is not enough, the
arrogant Governor goes on the air
blathering about what a terrible job the
Mayor is doing.

while the City is in flames and the looters are
having a windfall of profit as the cowards
run with arm loads of stolon merchandise.
All while the Mayor is on the air complaining
about the police, Donald Trump and the

Instead of firing the Mayor, the Governor is
sitting on his hands still complaining when
he should be picking up the phone to call
in the National Guard to clear the streets!
The citizens of New York have been sold
out by their arrogant Governor Cuomo.

How long do the protesters need to protest?
The story is the same in every city, protest
till dark then protest some more. Then Antifa
uses the diversion to break some glass and
some heads while the looters clean out the
stores and burn them as they leave.
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