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Wearing face masks is causing legionellosis and more.
"Instances of PPE mask bacterial contamination due to exhalation-caused moisture from the mask wearer into the interior of their own mask have been documented."

Legionella can survive and grow as parasites within free-living protozoa and within biofilms which develop in moisture-rich environment, that is also low in oxygen.

This is confirmed through many scientific sources, including the W.H.O. international.com article on Legionellosis at the who.int website.

Many articles from many peer-reviwed scientific and medical sources are available on the topic as well, And even though Social Media platforms are trying to flag the PROVEN FACTS as "false", and use their paid-off fact-checker goons , who I might add use A.I. for fact-checking, which means you can put false info into the A.I. database, and the A.I. system will later confirm it as a fact.

So who are you going to believe? What we have known to be triue through proven science, laboratory confirmation, and hundreds of clinical findings for decades???...or some paid-off India-based, or CHICOM based, etc. fact-checker Capitlaist Surveialllance company who push false narratives ?

More on Legionellosis disease:
The bacterium L. pneumophila was first identified in 1977, as the cause of an outbreak of severe pneumonia in a convention centre in the USA in 1976.
The most common form of transmission of Legionella is inhalation of contaminated aerosols produced in conjunction with water sprays, jets or mists, and air conditoner units and systems, usually those which are not regularly sanitized and cleaned. Infection can also occur by aspiration of contaminated moisture, water or ice, particularly in susceptible hospital patients.
Legionnaires’ disease has an incubation period of 2 to 10 days (but up to 16 days has been recorded in some outbreaks).
Death occurs through progressive pneumonia with respiratory failure and/or shock and multi-organ failure.
Untreated Legionnaires’ disease usually worsens during the first week.
Of the reported cases 75–80% are over 50 years and 60–70% are male.
Legionellosis varies in severity from a mild febrile illness to a serious and sometimes fatal form of pneumonia and is caused by exposure to Legionella species found in water, and some garedneing potting mixes which had a high moisture content at time of packaging.

The bacterium L. pneumophila was first identified in 1977, as the cause of an outbreak of severe pneumonia in a convention centre in the USA in 1976. It has since been associated with outbreaks linked to poorly maintained artificial water systems, particularly cooling towers or evaporative condensers associated with air conditioning and industrial cooling, hot and cold water systems in public and private buildings, and whirlpool spas.

And all deadly Legionellosis bacterium aside, PPE masks and other face overing are causing heart attacks, hypoxias, strokes, fatigue, etc. do to oxygen deprivstion in people, especially individuals with conditions such as COPD, CHF, heat disease, HBP, pulmonary disease and cancers, Asthma, etc.

It's time to unmaks the truth about how forcing people to wear masks is causing more illness than it is preventing.
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