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Rated: E · Fiction · Action/Adventure · #2223862
Here are the first two chapters after the prologue of the story.
The Drawing World Elementals: The Tragedy of Flameza

Chapter I: The Everdagger Has Been Stolen

Meanwhile, there is someone who is trying to warn everyone around town that the Everdagger has been stolen, but they mostly didn't believe it or even know that it happened. Princess Arunika Aerwyna and her two younger sisters, Lucine and Nova, are sitting on their thrones in the throne room.
The messenger of the three royal sisters comes in to warn them that there is trouble coming from deep inside the castle. "Princess Arunika, someone is trying to warn everyone that there is trouble that came from deep inside the castle," he said.
"Can you send him here and have him tell us what's going on, sir?" Princess Arunika asked the messenger.
"Will do, your majesty," said the messenger as he leaves the throne room to look for someone who is trying to get everyone's attention that the Everdagger was missing.
Princess Lucine doesn't understand what was going on like most of the other elementals in town. "Is there something wrong?" she asked. "Did another monster break into the castle and plot to take the lives of innocent elementals, or did some unsuspecting villain attack the city and plot to conquer it or something?"
"We're not sure, Lucine," Nova answers, "but when the messenger returns with someone who's trying to warn us, we'll hear from him about the situation."
"I hope so." Lucine nods.
The messenger comes back to the throne room with Hypnomind and Psygene Kinesis. "Your highness, Hypnomind Kinesis has something he wants to share with us," he said.
"Hypnomind?" Arunika said in curiosity. "Have you come to warn us about what's going on in Elemental City?"
"Indeed, your highness," Hypnomind answers. "It's something bad. Really bad!"
"Did you have any problems about trying to navigate through the different sectors of the city or...?"
"It's worse than that," Hypnomind interrupts and shakes his head. "The Everdagger has been stolen!"
Everyone gasps.
"That is terrible!" Arunika gasps in shock. "I thought I sent the five guards to protect it."
"You did," Psygene said, "and somehow, there was an unsuspecting monster that immediately wiped out your squad and stole the weapon. That's what happened down there."
"I tried to warn everyone everywhere in the city about this disaster in this hot summer day, but almost no one believed in me and summer unaware of this," Hypnomind explains. "And if that isn't bad enough, we don't know who stole that ultra-powerful weapon."
"Death," Arunika said. "That's the monster that stole the Everdagger and wiped out my squad. After he stole it, he disappeared without a trace."
"Well then," Psygene said, "whatever the problem may be, I bet our hero of Elemental City, Flameza, can bring an end to that bloodthirsty monster."
"I hope you're right, Psygene," said Hypnomind. "Come to think of it, where is Flameza?"
"He might have just come back from his adventure at Searing Temple with Lavia," said Lucine.
"Unfortunately for all of us," Nova added, "it's not just Flameza and Lavia who came back home. The X Enders have returned to the Realm of Elements as well. And it appears that they came back for revenge."
Everyone gasps after they heard that the X Enders have returned.
"But why?" Psygene asked in fear.
"It looks like they want to kill Flameza and all of his friends, destroy Elemental City, and worst of all, take over the Realm of Elements for themselves," Arunika explains. "Whatever the case may be, they need to be stopped! Can you two find Flameza and Lavia and warn them about the Everdagger being stolen and the X Enders' return?"
"Arunika, Lucine, Nova, we won't let you down," said Hypnomind. "Psygene and I will go to Flameza and Lavia and warn them about those two horrible incidents. I'm sure we'll have a new action fan to retrieve that weapon and put an end to the X Enders once again. The best is sweat to come. Let's go, big brother!"
"Hypnomind, please spare those summer puns." Psygene said to his brother.
"Sorry." They go off to look for Flameza and Lavia.
"What kind of trouble would the X Enders go through other than breaking their exile or plotting to destroy or conquer the Realm of Elements?" Nova asked her sisters.
"We don't know for sure," Lucine answers, "but whatever those morbid brutes are up to, it is going to be utterly dreadful."
"Indeed," Arunika agrees, "but we can't just do nothing while they're around. Soon enough, they will put everyone's lives in utter chaos, trap them in a nightmare, or turn the entire universe into a living nightmare. The only way to deal with those brutes and save the universe is to defeat them." She speaks to the messenger, "Can you spread the word about the missing Everdagger and the X Enders' return across every sector of Elemental City along with more soldiers to accompany you?"
"Yes, your majesty." The messenger responds as he leaves.
Chapter II: Ignatius' Return

         Flameza Torriscald and Lavia Scensear are about to head home after they returned from their adventure at Searing Temple. As they head home, they sing a chill and relaxing tune about the treasure they collected and their way home.
On his way home across Flaming Terrain, Flameza sings:

         We're back home from Searing Temple
         With an amulet, and we'll keep it safe.

Lavia continues:

         I'm exhausted from the heat,
         So it's time to take a break.

Flameza and Lavia walk around town, enjoying the breeze outside. Before they head back home, though, they go to the park in the Flaming Terrain Gateway area and talk about the treasure they collected throughout their adventure, the Amulet of Searing Temple. Flameza continues the song with the second verse:

         We'll take this treasure home safely
         As long as no villain interferes.
         We'll place this with our collections
         And make sure everything is clear.

         Lavia finishes out the song with:

         We no longer have to worry
         About theft, but I could be wrong.
         Once we make it back home,
         We can sing this song all night long!

Flameza sits on a bench with Lavia after they finish their song. "That was a rough adventure at Searing Temple, wasn't it, Lavia?" he asked.
"It sure was, Flameza!" Lavia answers as if she's excited yet exhausted. "I can hardly wait to go on another with some more of our friends!"
"Okay, let's not get too excited for more adventures right after we come home from one."
Lavia calms down. "Oh, I guess you're right," she said. "I don't really do excited, anyway. At least we brought the Amulet of Searing Temple after we defeated Flario, right?"
Flameza pulls the amulet out of his inventory. "Sure did," he answered, "When we get home, we will safely put this with all of our other treasures we collected from all our other adventures and-"
But Flameza was interrupted when Zephyr Noelani shows up, flipping a coin. "Look who it is!" he called out.
"Zephyr Neolani?" Lavia said.
"Come out and play," Zephyr calls out to four more X Enders - Ivy Primrose, Gaia Ravens, Duskdy Dhicertas, and Bayou Darya - as they enter.
"What's going-" Flameza said, interrupted again.
Ignatius Brenton, the X Enders' leader, enters. "Well, well," he said. "Where did you get that new treasure of yours, Flameza Torriscald?" He crosses to Zephyr. "Zephyr, that's enough."
Zephyr puts the coin in his pocket. "I hear you," he said.
Flameza glares at Ignatius, thinking that he was not supposed to return. "Ignatius Brenton, I should have known you were the one who is always trying to take over the Realm of Elements and to get rid of me and my friends ever since your exile. What gives?"
"I knew you were a smart one, bucko," Ignatius snickers.
Duskdy Dhicertas answers for Ignatius, "Ever since Princess Arunika Aerwyna sealed away all our powers and banished us from the Realm of Elements for taking away powers from someone else, we have been living our lives in a strange world full of humans, wishing to get out of our misery."
"And now that we're back to the Realm of Elements with our powers back after less than five years, we will take back everything you idiots have ever taken from us," Gaia added.
"Such as all of your treasures you've ever collected throughout your adventures!" Ivy continues.
"And, most importantly, your innocent lives," Bayou finishes out, right in front of Flameza's face.
"You're all joking!" Flameza said, pushing Bayou away from him. "I deserve all the treasures I have ever collected, and all my innocent friends deserve to live their lives in peace and harmony. You brutes returned to take them all away!"
"Yes," Zephyr sneered, "and what are you going to do about it? Nothing!"
"That's right. Hand over the Amulet of Searing Temple, Flameza. Don't make me ask again," Ignatius commanded.
Flameza puts the Searing Temple Amulet away, starting to get angry. "No way. I refuse," he said.
"Yeah, go find your own treasures!" Lavia shouts back at the X Enders.
"Not happening, chump," Duskdy said, shaking his head.
"The only treasures we will ever obtain are the ones you have, and we will take them all from you and keep them to ourselves," Ivy argued.
"Not only will we take everything from you or your friends, we will take away your reputation as a hero for good!" Gaia laughs evilly.
"You will not!" Flameza shouted back. "You see this badge on my vest? Princess Arunika gave it to me and chose me to be the hero of the Realm of Elements ever since I saved Elemental City from Ziryukari, and I will not let someone like you try to break my spirit! The only time I will ever lose this badge and reputation as a hero is if I die. Don't you hear me?"
"Tsk," Ignatius scoffs. "Even if you defeat us, and that's a mighty big if, you will die. Eventually, I will murder all your friends and all the princesses ruling the Realm of Elements, then I will be king, my gang will be my viceroys, and the entire universe will bow to us!" He crosses to his gang, "Don't you guys like the plot?" They all agree with him.
Flameza is starting to get angry. "That's it!" he yells in fury. "If you brutes ever rule this world for yourselves, the Realm of Elements will soon collapse with wars, chaos, and extinction, and worse, all peace, harmony, and friendship throughout the entire universe will fade away forever!"
"I don't care about any of this trash!" Ignatius yells back. "All I ever care about is-"
"You back away from our friends, Ignatius Brenton!" Hypnomind interrupts as he and Psygene enter. "You evil X Enders are a menace to this world - or should I say pain in the neck."
Ignatius looks at Hypnomind with an evil smirk on his face. "Well, well. If it isn't Hypnomind and Psygene Kinesis," he said.
"I must say, this disturbance is unexpected," Zephyr said.
"You and your perennial bloodletting have been spinning out of control ever since your exile, then you brutes broke your exile to create an even greater catastrophe, plotting to take over the Realm of Elements," said Hypnomind.
"I don't know what you're talking about, and don't be throwing puns at me," Ignatius said as if he's ticked off.
Hypnomind scoffs and rolls his eyes. "Whatever," he said.
"You X Enders deliberately broke your exile to take over the Realm of Elements for yourselves so that you can do whatever you want and let all the power get into your heads," Psygene said to the X Enders. "Seriously, that's not good. A ruler does not rule by his or her own hand! Flameza and his friends will defeat you and your gang, Ignatius, and we will make sure of it!"
"Tsk," Ignatius scoffs. "All of your heroic stories and journeys are great and all, but I'm done for now. X Enders, let's get out of here!" They all start to go off.
"Don't forget this, insolent fools," Bayou said. "The X Enders will return soon, and the Realm of Elements will be ours!" She laughs evilly as she goes off.
Flameza immediately calms down after the X Enders leave. "Hypnomind, Psygene, I'm so glad to see you," he said.
"So are we," said Hypnomind. "Psygene and I came to warn you and Lavia that the Everdagger was stolen!"
"Oh, no!" Flameza gasped.
"But how?!" Lavia gasped.
"Princess Arunika sent out a guard squad to protect the Everdagger, and then some morbid monster immediately wiped them out, stole the weapon, and disappeared without a trace!" Psygene answers.
"Well, whoever it is, he must be stopped!" Flameza said. "Well, Lavia and I need to head home to organize my treasures and secure them."
"See you soon!" Lavia said as she and Flameza go off.
"Okay, that was all we wanted to talk to you two about. Good luck to you!" Hypnomind said. As he and Psygene walk back to Central Elemental City, he talks about something else. "Let me tell you something, Psygene. Did you know that Flameza used to have a lot of candle lights at his house?"
"No, not that I remember, exactly," Psygene answers.
"You see, big brother," Hypnomind continues, "he's not much of a chandler unlike Lapis Lazuli, and-"
"Hold on," Psygene interrupts, "Lapis can make candles?"
"Yes, along with help from her parents, of course. They all make candles all the time. The process of candle making is not too hot to chandler, no? Lapis used to always relax near the palm waters near Bluegreen Foresta. She also used to make palmpkin pie for one of Yetta's birthday parties."
"Don't you mean 'pumpkin pie'?"
"Yes, I just like to throw in puns because some of our other friends and I like to be, you know, funny. You know that those lousy X Enders are always making everyone snuffer for years by desoyn before and after they were stripped of their powers and banished, and they are soon going to cause a massive cataclysm. I'm sure this might bright your tongue!"
"Please, Hypnomind, just spare all those stupid candle puns!"
"Sorry. At least we're not far behind from knowing when those brutes will strike. Come on, Psygene."
They go off.

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