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written for Kittiara's writing contest prompt: renewal 18 lines 198 words

Renewal of Life
By Lisa Noe

She lived her life full of shame,
She had no one but herself to blame.

She screamed and fought with everyone,
She cursed and yelled all day long.

She flirted and threw herself at all the men,
She hated and was jealous of all women.

She knew nothing of loving and caring,
She sure knew nothing of brotherly sharing.

All she knew was to fill herself with any good feeling,
And filling herself with other’s stuff by stealing.

Then one day she met a man, who showed her respect and love,
He asks not for sexual favors or material gains, he told her of the one above.

He showed her love and friendship for free and ask for nothing in return.
She understood that this man, for her welfare, was truly concerned

At that moment she wanted to change and become like the one above,
She wanted renewal of her life, to share herself with strangers, she’d love.

And she declared,”I am now free and, I want to give myself to all for free.”
I want to work better and share what I have; a renewal of my life is what you see.

18 lines
198 words
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