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Janet disapproves of not having the air-conditioning turned on.
Janet Leigh, for the most part, was meek as a mouse;
yet one day she did protest inside of her house.
There was no air-conditioning to her dismay;
thus in protest this mouse would have something to say.

She made signs out of cardboard though not very big;
Air-conditioning reform! was her written dig.
On the back of the sign read, The temp must go down!
She appeared calm and peaceful while marching around.

Now the boss was the matriarch of the Leigh clan;
she was more than content to get by with a fan.
(When informed of the fan’s function by cousin Buzz,
  Matriarch Boss exclaimed, “I know what a fan does!”)

Yet this levity did not sway Janet at all;
Janet marched through the living room into the hall.
There appeared beads of sweat on her forehead and cheek;
she stayed mighty aware of hygiene, so to speak.

“Oh with liberty I do perspire this June!”
“So I protest for cooler conditions, and soon!”
Through the bedrooms and kitchen and breezeway she went
with her heated resolve though, in truth, she felt spent.

Then at last to the protest the Boss did take note;
Janet felt some cool air yet she did not dare gloat.
In the annals of protesting this stands apart,
when a protest at home came direct from the heart.

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