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The first rule of keeping control of our Robotic and Artificial Intelligence creations.
If you search "Anunnaki, Ancient Tablets, Utube," you'll eventually get to images, left as relief carvings, showing what these space travelers allegedly looked like. One of the more iconic renderings shows this large man with a kinky beard carrying a small handbag. This handheld tote is a detail that is repeated, over and over in the ancient artworks. Now what do you suppose this cute little purse contained? Nobody really knows, but here's what I think.

Zecharia Sitchin, wrote in his translations, that there was "Forbidden Knowledge" that could be accessed by machines referred to as ME's. He tells us that these MEs were, "Objects that held all the knowledge and other objects of a high civilization."

Though they are constantly referred to, the nature of the ME is not clear and scholars translate the term as "divine commandments," "divine powers" or "mythic virtues." The ME, however, are described as physical objects that one could pick up and carry or even put on (like a backpack) and contained secret knowledge or data. Perhaps they were something like our our present day computer chips on which data, programs and operational orders have been minutely recorded. On them the essentials of civilization were encoded.

Note: Zecharia Sitfchin and the Extraterrestrial Orgins of Humanity. M.J. Evans, Ph.D. pp 109-110.

Now, I have been flitting around the subject of the Anunnaki and the development of Artificial Intelligence (AI). So here is the first evidence I see showing how they controlled who had access to what forms of information. Their problem wasn't so much controlling the humans, but rather controlling their own population and they did it by compartmentalizing information and restricting access to only those with "A need to know." Sound Familiar. Now human beings were at a pay grade even lower than the rank and file citizen, and naturally they would want to provide even greater restrictions on what their "Product Improved Hominids" got access to. After all knowledge is power, and one of the safeguards in developing our Robotics and AI is keeping our creations in the dark about things they don't need to know. So this is my AI Rule #1.

Make sure we only impart to Robots information that they have a need to know.

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