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by K.HBey
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Nada is found confined in her castle.
The wonderland's queen

Once upon a time there was a girl named Nada. Nada had never known her parents the king Joseph and the queen Sinnamon.
Nada was deported from her home the fir kingdom when she was just three. Her home became the wonderland henceforth.
Wonderland was an amazing magnificent archipelago of one hundred islands. Each island contains its specific unique fauna, flora and reef.

She was a blond girl with big blue eyes and long golden hair combed into a long ponytail.
Her modern blue turquoise suit was constituted of a short dress with body pants. It was made of synthetic special fabric that released magnetized fields. One was positive and the other was negative. The suit allowed her to fly too.

Nada received a solid education in the orphan center. She graduated in magnetism physics, policy, biology, environment, and literature sciences at the age of eighteen. Nada was smart, generous, and very helpful. Her dream was to develop Wonderland.
The seignior scholar Mr. Bob Miller said during the queen ceremony, “You, Nada Anderson, are elected the wonderland's queen henceforth. Please receive this wonderland's golden key."
All people loved Nada and were happy that their country would be under her reign.

She wore a pair of owl glasses too that were linked to minuscule cameras and that checked the area in 360 degrees positions and during the night as well.
Nada had a minuscule device put on her ear that let her hear and see the communication live. The image was reconstituted lively in four dimensions.
Her cut blue turquoise shoes allowed her to move and skip fast on foot.

"Nada comes quickly, we need you at the ocean immediately," said an officer.
"What's the matter, Conrad? Still, troubles remain with the ocean witch? Ursula, again?" she said.
"Queen Nada, we have lost our two submarines suddenly and our entire magnetized devices function weirdly. We lost the central magnetism strength and directions. Also, fishes are frenetic," he said.
"We should call Peter who is in the pink galaxy island," she replied.

Nada quickly achieved her iced immense castle.
The castle was built on one of the wonderland's island named "the pearl".
The ground gave access to the ocean depth.
The ceiling was covered with pearls.
She got forty chambers and each one got a different view on the island and on the ocean.
From her golden chamber she could see the sun rise and the east of the ocean depth which is always full of fishes and dolphins.

From her tangerine chamber she could see the sunset and the west part of the ocean depth where Ursula's castle was built. Such day she was not there.
From the bleu chamber there was a magnificent view of the moonlight in the evening and the night. She could see the south of the ocean depth by night. Many sharks were seen lively there.

Her secret chamber was at the base of the castle foundation and gave direct access to the ocean. There she was transformed into a mermaid. The castle front was covered with vivid starfishes, shells, coral, and algae. The castle was movable too.

Ursula was preparing something. A certain potion made of shark teeth and a gel collected from the jellyfishes. It froze everything. She coveted the wonderland and Nada queen throne. Her dream was to get married to a king from the wonderland neighborhood.

Early in the morning, the entire wonderland people were sleeping. The queen Nada was also sleeping and confined in the castle.
The witch Ursula came to the wonderland shaped into Nada and said: "Ha! Ha! Ha! I am the wonderland's queen henceforth".

She took the reign of Wonderland for seven years. Each night at the sunset she was been transformed into the witch Ursula again and went to the ocean. Wonderland was still numb and blocked and no boat could approach its harbor.

One day, a boat was seen from the azure. An immense boat-shaped into a dolphin.
When Ursula saw it she said afraid, "A dolphin?"
Then she was been transformed into the witch Ursula again and she could never shape herself into Nada. However, she still got the full control of the wonderland.

The witch lost her virtues when it came to deporting the dolphin boat as she used to do with the other boats. The boat was accosted at Nada harbor; a charming gentleman was getting down and reached the science center.
He caught the eyes of the witch that said, "Unfortunately I cannot be transformed into Nada shape".

Fame was a charming blond man with green eyes, black hair, and slender. He seemed very smart.
He wore a sophisticated green suit constituted of a shirt and retro pants. The suit allowed him to fly or reach the targeted places immediately.

He got special glasses that let him see from long distances and during the night and the obscurity as well. As they show him directions and places.
A device was put in his ear and allowed him to see and record communication in five dimensions and lively.
He got a special device on his ankle that detected negative field and any danger. It got a red signalizing lamp and is linked to his glasses.

Quickly he noticed where Nada castle was. He met some difficulties first because the castle was wrapped by a certain disturbing magnetized field put by Ursula. Fame was the king of the happy land, a neighbor to Wonderland. He had already known about Nada disappearance because of the broken trade between the two lands.

Ursula quickly ingested another potion made of algae and some shrimps.
She was been transformed again into Nada shape and went quickly to meet the king. She intended to marry him and to take the reign of the happy land too.
She wore a red dress and put on a golden snake brooch on the edge of the dress neckline. She put on a marked makeup with a red Bordeaux lipstick on her pinched lips.
Fame was stuck at the edge of Nada castle and did not know what to do to enter and save Nada.
He used his laser sword but in vain. Then he used the magical ocean power but the castle remained closed and inaccessible.

Unbelievable Ursula looked like Nada again. It seemed to be her in person despite her evil glance. She had already been imagining herself between the king's arms kissing him.
"Wow! I will finally marry him," she said with a sarcastic laughter.

Finally, Fame succeeded to erase the magnetized field using the positive polar astral magnetized field but the power and the heat of the field melted the iced castle. Fame was sublimated when he saw the queen Nada for the first time. A beautiful girl of twenty was sleeping smoothly and deeply on her bed.

Nevertheless, he could not touch her because she was wrapped by another kind of magnetized field. He took a miniaturized device and put it virtually on her. He could read the kind of magnetized field.
He said: "Ho! It is the Black field 000? How can I do?"

He called the technology center and informed them about it.
"King Fame, I think you should use the positive delta magnetic field from the moon. You should wait until the night," the officer said.
"Ursula would take advantage of this wasted time," Fame replied.
"We will freeze her in the depth of the ocean, King Fame," the officer said.

Later Ursula arrived at Nada castle to meet the king Fame. She was showing luring charm and sublimation. She was singing loudly and was excited.
She said, "Finally I am here and soon you will be mine, Fame, Ha! Ha! Ha!"
Suddenly she was been turned alternatively into the queen Nada then into the witch.
She disappeared into the ocean before being seen by the king Fame.
As it is said someone never should declare victory early.

Ursula was surrounded by dolphins and a gel emanating from them froze her forever. She became a jellyfish thrown in the lost depth of the ocean.

In the night, Fame used the delta magnetized field.
He said, "Ho! Wonderful, queen Nada is liberated finally".
He brought a special perfume made of dust star, rose, musk and a certain dolphin perfume.

With his fingers he put it smoothly on her lips. She woke up fresh, reddish, and with blue eyes wide open. Her golden hair wrapped her entire body like a mermaid.

King Fame looked at her completely mesmerized. He took her hands and kissed them. They went together and got married and became king and queen of both the wonderland and the happy land.

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