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Lyrics inspired by the #Blacklivesmatter movement
It's a time of passion and of outrage, of fear and anxiousness,
as we watch the world descend into a hot chaotic mess.
It's instinctive to withdraw and wish back the status quo,
but something needs to change, that much we truly know.
Some ask the 'why now?' question, some stick with 'but why me?'
Some don't get a chance to hide from inequality.

I always believed, to each their own, live and let live, you know?
But beliefs dictate how we interact, how we govern, how we grow.
Individual 'rights' are a selfish wall you hide behind
while others are attacked, betrayed, abandoned or confined.
It's time to stand for what is right, not failed legacies to which you cling,
this isn't about freedom or independence, but doing the right thing.

This will be unpleasant, if I may understate it so -
many will cry, many will suffer and we know that blood will flow.
This is not a minor moment, a headline there then gone,
this is war and you must choose - which side are you on?
This is not 'agree to disagree' like what brand of cola you select,
this is that moment where no longer can evil go unchecked.

It's okay for you to be frightened, to be upset or horrified,
some folks live their lives like that - always fighting against the tide.
But this is your moment of truth, this is that moment for you to choose -
do you stand on the side of right, or do you stand on the side that will lose?
To do nothing is to have made that choice, for inaction is compliance,
you'll show your colours loud and clear from within even your silence.

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