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A contest entry
“Hello. Anybody there? I don’t like talking to myself, though if I must!”

“I am here. How…how did you get into our house? Are you a murderess? I know taekwondo!”

“Not a murderess your black-belted “majesty”, something way more credible. Your daughter from the future”

“Did you smoke something funny? I, I’m going to call the police!”

“Don’t threaten with the coppers! I can tell you something only you and I know about yourself”

“Alright, impress me, delusional stranger”

“You’re taking care of your sister’s baby, who your mother absconded with because he was fed whiskey by your sister’s mother in law. You’re also suffering academically because of the many demanding hours”

“B-Begone, devil! Go back to the pit and the sulfur!”

“I’m not the devil!”

“Then are you some sort of angel? A spy? How do you know?”

“Well you always did call me an angel, even when I misbehaved, but, alas, I am not part of any angelic crowd. I told you, I’m your daughter from the future”

“Let’s say I believe you. Why have you come here?”

“Writing contest!”


“My honour as a writer was on the line. I had to suddenly become a rocket scientist, build a time machine, hope my particles don’t remain disintegrated and finally, ask God for forgiveness for playing Him”

“You travelled millions of light years away, for a stupid contest? Not to see me?”

“Gotcha! The look on your face was precious. Of course I’ve come for you, silly. My mission here is to help you with your homework. As I have no experience with babies, especially ones that grow up to be grumpy adults who are mean to their cousins, it would be indicated that you teach me, so that you could eventually go to school”

“Is he mean to you?”

“Sticks and stones…”

“But why…?”

“Do not worry my beautiful, wonderful, enduring mother. He’s a jerk, but he’s our jerk. Besides, he can’t be that bad as a baby…unless he’s a screaming terror”

“He’s a precious angel!”

“You once told me he climbed the windowsill when you got your eyes off of him for one second and almost fell off the floor”


“I take it, it hasn’t happened yet. Good. Let’s make sure it doesn’t”


“So… this is the baby?”


“Playful little thing, isn’t he?”

“He likes to play with his cars, he likes the red car the most…”

“Wow, wow, wow, wow…slow down. I’m not the babysitter yet. I will be once you show me the basics, you know…how to change a diaper, how to prepare a bottle, how to make him stop screaming”

“Of course I’ll teach you. This is marvelous. I’ve always wanted a friend to come to my house”

“Friends don’t usually share fifty percent of their DNA, mom. But, of course I’ll be your friend”


“Oh, no”

“What’s happening?”

“Something is wrong with the time machine. It’s pulling me to the future. I love you!”
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