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Covid Isolation
Lonely Playground

The moon sets over the shadows,
Saying goodbye to the dark.
The shadows dissolve in the sunrise
Sweeping slowly over the park.

Trees stand guard like nannies,
Their branches softly sway,
Looking forward to the laughter
Waiting for the children's play.

The swings are still and silent,
The bars of the climber are bare,
Looking over the slope of the slides
And seeing no children there.

The clouds go floating over,
Where the emptiness is grand,
No happy voices or smiling faces,
No footprints stir the sand.

Then the moon begins to rise,
The sun slowly fades away.
Thick shadows hide the park
For yet another day.

Tomorrow may be different
Maybe kids will play and shout.
The lock-down will be over,
And they'll let the children out.

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