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Joe grabbed Mickey’s jacket. “Are you calling me a liar?”

“Yeah, you got a problem with that? You are a liar.”

“If you call the time I told Mitzi you were afraid of birds so you wouldn’t see her, then yes, I am a liar.” Joe let go of Mickey’s jacket.

“Why would you say that? You know I have a parrot as a pet.”

“I didn’t want you taking my girl. Mitzi’s mine.”

Mickey stood up to Joe. He poked Joe in the chest. “Mitzi belongs to everyone. You know that.”

Joe walked up to a cage. Mitzi came to the front.“Hello Mitzi.”

“Well, hello back, Joe.” She stretched her long tail, extended full length and then groomed her sleek coat. “How are you today?” She jumped to a perch, looked down at Joe.

Mitzi had landed at the shelter about a month ago. Joe took her in and made sure no one took her home. She was a rare breed. Half human and half bird. Mitzi had a cage in the back, away from prying eyes. Joe and Mickey took turns keeping her company and fixing her meals.

“I am hunky and dory. Are you hungry? Need something to eat?” Joe put out his arm. Mitzi flew to him.

With the weight of a small infant, Joe winced as bird-woman landed on his forearm.

“I could use a little hunk of something like this to eat.” Mitzi nibbled on Joe’s ear with her beak.

Joe chuckled. “Cut it out. That tickles.”

“You two need some alone time?” Mickey watched the two lovebirds, as he called them privately.

“Jealous?” Joe walked over to Mickey, Mitzi still perched on his arm.

Mickey frowned. “Of this weird scenario? Nope. She’s all yours.”

“Now who’s the liar?”

W/C 300
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