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How words can hurt - a politically biased poem Republicans may hate. HM Pop-Poetry Contest
Words Cut Deep

Words can slice through the thickest of skins
causing wounds we can never repair,
and you threaten the peace of the world
when you open your mouth without care.

Don't expect our respect when you shout
or you claim you are smarter than us.
We have all read your tweets and your blogs
and you only spell well when you cuss.

You can't cure COVID-19 with bleach
and the Baltic is not in the south.
Greenland isn't your land to take.
You let drivel escape from your mouth.

When you spring into action to solve
those big problems that threaten the Earth,
don't forget those same problems exist
in response to your growth in net worth.

While your Nation's the Greatest on Earth
it won't stay so for long if you stay.
Make a move to improve your appeal
to the voters by going away.

Line Count: 20
Prompt: Use these three words in your poem: spring, repair, threaten
Form: quatrains in loose anapestic meter with ABCB rhyming scheme
Written for:
Pop-Poetry Contest  (E)
You know, like a pop-quiz only with prizes and more fun!
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