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Robotics/AI should not have access to the Cloud
As human beings we don't have access to the CLOUD. The Cloud is a bank of servers located somewhere, generally far removed from the geographical point, where people conduct their daily lives. We connect to it via a computer and it is a convenient place to store data as anyone who ever had a hard drive crash will tell you. Most would state as a fact that the human mind, by itself is not capable of making a connection with this or any other type of CLOUD. By other I'm referring to connecting via extrasensory perception with a repository of cosmic wisdom. Obviously, since such a repository doesn't exist, its a "nothing burger" and a human can't connect to a figment of imagination. However, some claim that there are those with psychic abilities are able to do this in one way or the other. Those who believe this possible are scoffed at and dismissed by scientists. I'm not one to dismiss out of hand the possibility of a psychic connection to a cosmic clearing housing, however I won't be looking down that rabbit hole at this time.

If you believe that the Anunnaki were able to tinker with a primate in its early evolution and create a "Helper" as the earliest recorded texts claim. If you do... that that they were advanced in their understanding of protoplasmic life and the secrets of DNA. If you do, that you've read other translations that show their paranoia and a society was as unstable as ours is today. Then it follows that the knowledge of this science would have been classified. Allegorically it could have been referred to indirectly as "Forbidden Knowledge," which would have been true. To give it a context understandable by those without a "Need to Know" it could have been referred to with some degree of levity as "Forbidden Fruit."

The subject of MEs comes up frequently in the translations and Sitchin speculates they were some sort of data storage device such as a floppy disk or something along those lines. These were physical objects that were carried around when needed plugged into a mechanical type of reader. In the relief carvings the Anunnaki are often shown carrying a purse and it could have been that the MEs were in this handbag. Since knowledge is power these totes could have been a symbol that the wearer had knowledge and access to classified information not privy to the rank and file.

However, such a memory device requires a machine to recover it from a server and display it on a CRT. This server could have been located on Earth or maintained and operated by the Igigi in orbit. Either way they had a Cloud. This begs the question, what form would a CLOUD take given it belonged to a race of space farers many thousands of years advanced of what they found on Earth? "Ah-hah!" I can hear the gears meshing in the minds of skeptics... They sure as hell wouldn't be carrying floppy disks around in a cute little handbag... they'd have something much more sophisticated like "Alexa" who they could query and perhaps communicate with some sort of holographic image. . Or would they?

I submit that an earlier technology would have been much harder to hack. If I were in the security business, I'd be extremely wary of electronic links to classified repositories. There is no way that I'd allow my servers to network with each other or any other type of storage retrieval device. They would be unplugged form the"Internet" period, exclamation mark! To access "Forbidden Knowledge" someone with the appropriate clearance and need to know would report to the physical location of the server, be escorted inside and supervised as they downloaded the information they were cleared to see. It is like the system where we see a courier with a briefcase handcuffed to his wrist... which is evidenced in the relief carvings.

So, this brings me to Rule # 4: Do not allow Robots/AI to communicate freely and have access to the CLOUD. If human beings can't access a server with their brains, then why in heavens name should we allow robots this capability. Keep in mind I'm using an analogy here between what the Anunnaki did and what we are on the verge of doing, by other means.
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