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Bob's part in an armed robbery - I know what you're thinking. I was the victim. Honest! ;)
I stood and stretched my tired muscles then glanced at the clock. Midnight and past time for me to head home. Friday nights were busy in the small diner I owned, and the cleaning always kept me behind.

"Bye, Bob!" said Mary, one of my waitresses, as she headed for the back door.

I waved then went to collect my coat from the staff room. When I returned to the kitchen, I discovered three men dressed in dark clothes and wearing masks.

One sprang toward me, raising his hand. He was taller than me but skinny like those kids who take drugs. "Give us all the money," he cried.

Now, I don't know what kind of crazy thoughts were going through my mind. Call it temporary insanity. But there was no way on Earth I was handing over the takings to some clown who looked like he might blow away in the wind.

"No," I said. Well, to be honest, it was something a tad stronger. But you don't need to know exactly what.

The next thing I knew, my eyes were burning. The thug had sprayed me with some kind of pepper spray. However, it must have been out of date, or I'm resistant or something, because it didn't take me down. It just made me angrier. I searched around for my knives, but they were already packed away. Then I saw a mop.

Jeez, the scene that happened next could have been in the Keystone Cops. I swung the mop at the guy, and he jumped back. I guess he was kinda surprised the spray didn't work. I know I was! One of the other guys came forward, shorter than the first but broad in the shoulders. I don't see it coming, but there was a sharp pain in my head. Later, I learned he'd used a hammer.

This made me really angry, so I tried to kick that guy between the legs. Strangely, the three guys then glanced at one another and disappeared out the back door. I guess the door was left on the latch when Mary left.

After I rang the police, they arrived in minutes. Since the police station wasn't near, and I was out on the edge of town, I was surprised. However, it turned out that a passing police car had noticed a suspicious vehicle outside with the engine running. The three guys had already been caught.

I had to stay in hospital overnight and was off work for a week, but the three guys each earned three years inside. I never understood why they didn't do more to get the money out of me. After all, they'd already hit me with a hammer, and it turned out they were working together as doormen at a nightclub. The investigating officer theorized the guys were afraid of leaving behind evidence. They'd hoped for a swift hit and run with no trace, but a struggle often leaves behind clues.

Word count: 498
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