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BLM (Black Lives Matter) and President Donald Trump
When did it become socially acceptable to be morally bankrupt and morally reprehensible? We as Americans have always recognized that it is our duty as human beings to rise above negativity and reach toward perfection, always knowing that we will never be perfect human beings simply for the fact that we are humans and are inherently flawed.

How did our Constitution enable us to imagine that we will not pay the consequences for our behavior, no matter what our station in life? There is a Higher Power who is watching and taking account of all we do and all we think, all we say and all we feel. In essence, this should be consolation for us, knowing there is an entity who guides and guards us from ourselves.

If we are allowed to run amuck in our behavior, publicly and politically, we have no recourse for recovery from the damage. Our Constitution expects exemplary behavior, encouraging us to reach for that, but offering no recourse for those who decide to step beyond the red line into unraveling what we have set as the standard of behavior, and making that unraveling more acceptable as a new standard.

Suddenly, we reward bad behavior in politics and social gatherings and the crowd mentality encourages even more of this kind of behavior making it "socially acceptable." Consequences are not considered. For invariably, someone will speak out and point out reprehensible behavior but the Constitution does not offer punishment. It sets a standard And those seeking to skirt the standard and blur the lines will find ways to smear and distort those clear lines.

Our Constitution should also include the punishment for breaking the law as well as defining what the law is.
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