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In the realms of Star Trek. How I came to be the computer of the U.S.S. Sol.
It's not every day you hear of a star ship coming to life but here I am. It all happened on star date ##########. The crew of the U.S.S Sol was on a routine mission of exploring the far reaches of space. They had had some trouble with a race called the Hartang. An interesting species that had a habit of making their own doors with a space warping technology.The only problem the ship's crew had was this race had a habit of scavenging thing they found without thinking about it. They also were able to integrate organic matter into already operating systems and that's where I come in. On this mission I had started out researching what they had done to one of the shuttle crafts. One of the shuttle crafts doors had been turned in to operational flesh responding to normal commands and yet there was something else going on there. I had taken samples of the doors tissues and was in one of the science labs close to the computer core of the ship when it happened.

A Hartang suddenly appeared through a portal and fired at me. I tried dive out of the way but got hit by the blast. The next thing I knew I could sense things moving around inside of me. Yet there was a confusing amount of info coming in like I had never felt or dealt with before. I tried to touch my face only to find nothing happen. Panic filled me what in the world had they done. I was so use to looking around that when I tried I found myself looking at things that surrounded the ship. There was the Hartang ships about 15 of them drifting nearby and the nebula that they had surprised us just off to my right, behind me was the vastness of space. I took a deep breathe just to feel those skittering around inside seam to pause as if something was different than what they where use to. All of a sudden I felt as if something was attacking me from inside. with out thinking I tried to swat the issue away. That spot popped like a bubble then resealed. It was not long before I noticed that those in the area of what popped stopped darting around.

That's when I started to figure out that I just might have become part of the ship. I could feel the room where I was working intercom buzz, as someone tried to page me to find out how I was progressing with my research. I tried to move to reach for the intercom just to find the door to the room I had been working in open.

Panic swept through me what was going on. The one that had attacked me was doing something I could not tell what. Yet, even in my confusion and panic I knew I had to find a way to hold the Hartang in that room till someone could come take care of them. In my panic I turned the lights off in the room just to find the Hartang turn some sort of emitter on. I could sense the field from the emitter and not thinking I put up a force field around the room trying to block the signal from the emitter. As I triggered the force field I must have set off an alarm in the science department systems that the lab I was in was in lock down. The next thing that happened I still not sure how I did it but the science lab lasers fired and struck a piece of equipment on the Hartang. It was just a split second for it to happen. I could feel the being collapse to the floor. I could hear something that sounded like a grown. Wanting to know more about the Hartang I unknowingly turned the lights back on in the lab. There the Hartang lay clutching what appeared to be it's side. The Hartang was trying to get something to work but with whatever the laser had hit it was unable to use its equipment. Thinking this Hartang might be now trapped i relaxed just to find someone trying to open the door my name was being yelled as personnel worked on the door. Relief swept through me and the door opened to the lab. The voices of the security staff I relaxed even more knowing that this being was now going to be taken care of.

That the last thing I recall before waking up feeling the pulse of the engines as they hummed awaiting commands to send the ship hurling forward. So, much to see as I not really saw but sensed the surrounding space around me. the ship next to my was badly damaged the engines worked but the life support systems where failing. Someone said my name from inside me. Panicked, tried to touch my face only to find that my body was unable to move where the voices where calling to me from. I looked around the room unknowingly using the rooms lab sensors. I nearly lost it as I saw myself and others including the medical staff and captain talking trying to get my body to respond. The Hartang was there shifting back and forth as if trying to figure out how to get free.

Groaning, my voice came scratchy over the lab speakers. "Wwhat's ….. going on?"

The captain looked around trying to figure out how she was hearing my voice from the room and not my body. "We are not sure Though we are doing our best to figure it out."

The Hartang looked at the floor then the ceiling. Then spoke in a near musical voice, "You have been incorporated into the ship." The whole room paused and looked at the Hartang.

The ships lead science officer was walking into the lab just then. "That explains a lot."

"What's going on?" I squeaked.

The captain turned to look at the science officer "What do you mean?"

Before the officer could speak the Hartang answered, "Your person was struck by the merge setting of my equipment."

The science officer then answered with, "Yes, and the fact she was merged into the ship's computer. Nothing vital at this time but from the things that are being reported from all over the ship it looks like she is at least functioning as if she is the main computer and the computer core is her back up."

The Hartang looked dumb shocked, "How is that possible? The gear I have would have only made her part of the wall."

The chef medical officer glared at the Hartang "How in the Stars do you think we are suppose to keep her alive?" The Hartang looked around as if trying to find a way to get out of all this.

"Whats going on?" I asked the room. NO one answered me more do to the fact that they were now all glaring at the Hartang.

The Hartang finally sighed and started into the story of how its ships had been attacked. They had gone after us more because they had not seen the attacker on their sensors, then we appeared. They thought that we were just coming back to finish off the job not coming in to offer help.

The Hartang then moved towards my body which caused the security in the room to raise their phasers. Looking at what could be seen, "It looks like if we were to set up a life support system it would allow this one to stay connected to your computer. I don't know how to separate her without destroying one or the other maybe both. I know we have no one left on board that could separate her and keep your computer systems going."
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