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A day in the life of a stream hiker.
I had the latest and greatest outfit that man can buy. Evenly distributed around my person was literally everything you could need to hike your way across any country in the world. Collapsable Nanofabrics that could withstand thousands of pounds of atmospheric pressure could inflate into a full-size house in some configurations. I usually just had it fold out into a tiny six hundred foot efficiency.

My feet were comfortably walking on the softest interiors I had ever worn until I got these boots. The all condition programming, let me walk in whatever direction I wished, as long as I didn't run into anything. The boots would change themselves to cool or heat my toes if they felt them becoming uncomfortable in the least. I had heard that I could walk across a swamp or lake, but so far hadn't done so.

I had been walking for less than five minutes, lost in thought as the beauty of nature around me had me looking all around as I made my way north when I heard the beginning of It's Raining Men which meant that someone had just come up with a thousand dollars to pay for me to dance to a song.

I gave it my all as I always do. I grooved my way down the trail, passing several people who saw the happiness on my face and the pep in my step as I bounced to some unknown tune form their point of view. Before I knew it, I was dancing to the beat of Ricky Martin singing his heart out for Livin' La Vida Loca. There was no doubt in anyone's mind what I was listening to once the next song started playing and the distinctive moves of Gangnam Style brought me to my first crossroad of the day. I stood in place and finished the song all the way through before the voting had been completed and my live viewers decided which way I was going next.

I didn't really care where I went, this was all new territory for me. I had never walked this part of the world before and honestly, couldn't wait to see what would be around the next mountain. Being able to share the adventure with thousands of people around the world who might be stuck in a tiny room, or possibly unable to walk at all, gave me a sense of accomplishment as I found out what each new day brought for scenery and background to my dancing hike through new parts of North America this month.

I record myself hiking and dancing my way through eight hours of travel per day and set up my simple travel room to relax and catch up with all of my family and friends online before I go to bed with the setting of the sun and wake at dawn to do it all over again. I don't have to worry about filling the cistern when we fill up or emptying the toilet leavings as the tubes were smart enough to find their own way to the appropriate campground facility hookups. If I ever needed to charge up my batteries, I could have that cable hook itself up as well, but with the latest and greatest, sunlight provided more than enough energy to keep me topped up rain or shine. For something that weighed less than twelve pounds, that was more than enough for me.

My health has improved with the amount of exercise I get each day and the number of people watching seemed to go up a good amount each day. I rarely had more than ten minutes in a row go by without at least one song playing to drown out the tech silence of nature that I enjoyed as I made my way towards my next waypoint. I was making far more money than I ever had at my previous jobs and I enjoyed each and every day, looking forward to the next.

I never interact with my viewers other than hearing the songs they choose for me, but I still wish them all the best every time I have the time to silently reflect on how lucky I feel to be able to do this each day. Thank you for helping me walk the world and share it with you live, or from older streams. I really enjoy this new hiking setup that everyone crowdfunded to get for me. It really is the next best thing to being home.
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