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You create memories; but after breakup they come to ur dream not letting u forget anything
Some people really can have great impact on our lives. They leave us alone but their memories never tend to. We act stronger all the time ,control our feelings and emotions but what about those dreams where they survive really well. Waking up from the dream of being together but not finding them in our real life is really painful. This shows how deeply they have impacted our soul as well.

Dreaming such someone do make us weak but, I wonder if its a God way to examine -if we are still fool enough who rush to get back together with that person who probably have hurted us the most. And BOOM!!! WE FAIL IN IT because we cant have grip over our feelings & emotions when not working on our conscious mind and of course, the heart always wants what it wants.

So,being a reminiscine of pain in someone's memory is something I wud never really want to because I know its the hardest thing in life. We cant even erase it on our own will and THATS gonna haunt us for our lifetime probably. Loving someone with all our heart is possibly the most beautiful thing in the world but letting those pain impact you when you are no more together is the scariest one to some next level.
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