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Requested by Slash. That's really all I have to say about this one.
Kyoka was normally a serious, studious girl, spending most of her days either training or trying to improve and find new uses for her ninja training, and it paid off as she was best best in her village, the hopefully future apprentice to Grand Master Madara. This was not one of those times. Right now she was trying to show her boyfriend the benefits of her training

"It's not just about killing people" the girl says, a part of her wishing she'd managed to find a fellow student in any way attractive and bearable to be around for longer than an hour, but instead she fell for the apprentice baker.

"You're right, it's just mostly about killing people" Kyle responds, the girl frowns as she can't exactly refute his statement, she does know how to kill a man in 4 different ways with a fork for example "Also I thought ninjas were supposed to be stealthy, pink is almost as eye catching as orange" he says with a sigh Kyoka pouts as she crosses her arms under her small bust

"Hey the colours don't matter when you're a true master, because the point is to not be seen at all, less so than simply hiding in the shadows where people don't look" she explains trying to defend her choice of dress [https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/475475581970939905/721408674869936269/nij...

"Still doesn't seem very ninja is all. So what do you do that isn't murdery?"

"Technically it's assassination of enemies of the village, and most of our skills relate to assisting in those jobs in one way or another, such as the disguise technique" she explains with a smirk, having a good idea

"And what prey tell is the disguise technique?" Kyle asks, actually sounding curious for a change when his girlfriend's future occupation came up in conversation

"A way to alter our clothes and even appearance in order to better blend in so we can enter subtly, as you can't always just sneak in over the back wall or enter through the roof" Kyoka jokes with a wink, then moves her hands into a cross shape


There was a shimmer of light as the trainee's clothing reforms around her, the shoulders and sleeves practically swap as she now had long hanging sleeves which extended past her fingertips, an crossed X of fabric covering a small portion of her chest, then harem/genie pants and slippers, though they hung low enough that only a cord looped around each hip stopped them falling off her and exposing her lower body to her blushing and mildly aroused boyfriend.


"So what do you thi..." she stopped when Kyle stepped forward and kissed her, easily managing to slip his hands past the thin fabric and cup her apple sized breasts and surprisingly supple rear

"I happen to like this 'ninja' outfit" he teases as they come up for air, "and I like the girl inside it more" he smirks as he pulls on the cord around her hip, snapping it and causing the entire lower half of the outfit to fall "Is that part of the costume?" he asks, seeing her smooth and bare

Kyoka blushes "No, that's all for you" she says with an attempt at a husky voice "How about we head up and I try out some non lethal techniques I learned at the academy" wrapping her arms around his neck, they flicker up to her bedroom, the door closing with a slam.
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