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When u thought u are the closest person of his life who doesnt consider u to be the one
"I dont feel close to you anymore"- the harsh statement was made by him. I was unknown about this thing my entire life but today hearing this broke me into pieces. I tried hard to pretend as- "So, what??? It doesnt affect me at all- either u like me or not."(Thank God, I was only chatting, had I been on video call he would have completely seen its impact on me from the tears rolling down my eyes.) So the point is -Yes, it completely makes difference in my life. Maybe, I did some wrong on some point of my life or maybe because I wanted to live my life on my own rules made him far from me; I still have no idea what it actually is. But, I had always kept him above all the things or persons in my life as he has always been my topmost priority, my heart knows this thing well.

I have loved you with all my heart since my childhood but I feel broken today. So, What did I do wrong to you? What made you make this statement? I remember, we have had so many fights together but always ended up being there for one another when in need. I remember, how you used to care for me when I was sick and on medication, it was like you used to even get my slaps but wud do nothing rather just cry and murmur about taking the revenge after I get completely fine, how innocent was that? Oh god, you so much used to love me then,right? But today its completely different scenario, we are grown up matured adults with our own thoughts that gets mismatched on every arguments. After realizing, I was only making useless efforts to talk whereas you talking to me only in formality, I felt the intensity of this statement even more which otherwise made me think you being busy in your works as the only reason behind not responding me nicely.

I had always been proud to say I have a brother who loves me the most but after this heartwrenching statement I dont feel like saying it anymore. I had always been the one who irritated you the most but probably I will set you free from all my irritating dramas. I was mistaken that it made u happier to some extent and you enjoyed it to the fullest. But now, I am sorry for everything. I have always loved you the most in my life since the day I have known you. So sorry for not meeting ur expectations and not being able to be the one closest to your heart. I AM SORRY 🙁
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