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A large man who casts a small shadow
           Crooked Little Man

         He's a crooked little man and he bought a crooked spouse
         now they live apart together in a big white crooked house.

         He has a crooked daughter and two crooked little sons
         who enjoy exotic slaughter with their wicked little guns.

         He's got crooked little spurs on his crooked little feet
         and he limps away from duty like a crooked little cheat.

         He put his crooked name on his crooked merchandise
         pushing crooked little steaks and crooked Chinese ties.

         His crooked little stock took a crooked little dive
         and turned investor assets from dollars into dimes.

         He made a crooked deal with some crooked real estate
         to launder crooked money for a crooked potentate.

         He ran a crooked business into crooked bankruptcy
         while he took a crooked cut from his crooked charity.

         His crooked little teachers lured in simple-minded fools
         to study crooked claptrap at his crooked little schools.

         His private sins lie hidden, obscured from public gaze,
         behind his crooked lawyers and his crooked NDA’s.

         He won a crooked contest telling crooked little lies,
         working in collusion with those crooked Russian guys.

         He makes himself a legend in his crooked little brain
         by taking crooked credit with his crooked little claims.

         His crooked little fingers send out crooked little tweets
         then he holds a crooked rally to present a crooked speech.

         His crooked little base sips a crooked Kool-aid drink
         giving up their freedom for their crooked little kink.

         His crooked nominees risk their crooked little souls
         by pledging their allegiance to a crooked orange troll.

         He's a crooked little man and he has a crooked plan
         to be a crooked king and to rule a crooked land.

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