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When patrons mandate an outcome and intellectuals give them the science to prove it.
If you search " walls, cusco, images" you will see a collage of pictures showing some of the most amazing artifacts of stone construction on the planet. Go ahead, do it now... I dare you!

I'll assume you've done so, and also that you responded "So What?"

In answer to the "So What?" I've this to say.

Some of the later Aztec stone work is impressive but the earlier work was not of their making. You can clearly see where the Aztec built upon the older work and there is no comparing the quality of the two.

Some ancient culture did the high quality stone work and it wasn't the Aztecs. So who was it?

My response is that it wasn't humans. Humans don't have the strength, know-how, capability and inclination to make walls like that. If you want to see evidence of non-worldly visitors here it is, Touch it, smell it, taste it, hear it resonate, see it and weep. It's in plain sight, right before your eyes. If exceptional claims require exceptional evidence then here it is.

Strength: Those are big-assed stones and there's no way that humans could have ever hefted them around. However, it's not their size alone. There are other megalithic sites where the stones are much heavier.

Know-How: The construction of these edifices required a technology we don't have. The joinery required a process of fitting the stones together that leaves today's engineers dumbstruck in awe. Some of these stone blocks have up to twelve facets. They are fitted together with the precision of a jig-saw puzzle.

Capability: Not only are they humongous and had to be hauled, 'oft uphill from miles away, but they were quarried using means that have yet to be invented. The machines of today lack the power and capability to build such remarkable walls.

Inclination: Please! I'm not referring to the motives of the builders. I'm referring to the FACT that human beings don't build a wall the way these walls are built. The rocks show a huge variation in size, are fitted askew with no thought to plumb, and joined with an elegance that boggles the mind.

So if you're looking for exceptional evidence to back the claim of Off World Visitors, coming to Earth in the distant past, then here it is right under your nose. Wake up SCIENCE! Get your heads out of your butts and quit acting like a bunch of effete intellectuals. You guys and gals give science a bad name. Your patrons tell you the outcome they want and you give them the "science" to explain it
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