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Rated: E · Monologue · Romance/Love · #2224446
The one who stole my heart and didn't know it
Belonging or not belonging that was the question. Part of me already knew the answer, but I refused to accept it because the truth was too painful for me to handle. I was never good at understanding my feelings nor me, but I knew what I felt. Love, attraction, the desire for the impossible. The fact my heart and soul burnt in agony for the one who touched my heart made me realize I was...out of place. I didn't belong here, in this little town where everyone know each other and gossip everyday about everything and everyone. I was suppose to be somewhere else, but that seemed like a dream. A wonderful dream. However, it would never happen because I was stuck here for two reasons: love and hate.

The people that loved me, if they existed, were so important to me that I wouldn't be able to leave them and, in other hand, the people who hated me, dragged me down like rocks that didn't allow me to follow my path. And besides all this, him, the one who I craved for was here. How could I ever leave this place? But he didn't know me and, probably, never looked at me, not even once. But I remembered him as the handsome tanned guy from last summer that caught my eyes and took my heart with him. I never thought I would see him again, but I did. More than once to be honest. He comes here to the little cafe in front of my house.. with his wife... the one he chose.

My heart ached and I went weak at the knees. When I saw them together I couldn't believe my eyes, but it was the reality. And reality sucked. I would never have him and he would never know my name. Perhaps we're even. Bur the pain that consumed me and torn my body, limb by limb was incredibly horrible. But the only thing I could do was to wait until I saw him again and imagine how it would be to be held by his strong arms and feel his lips press against mine. The world would stop and nothing more would matter besides him, because he was the sun in my life. The spark that lit me when I diving in the darkness and, even though we hadn't exchanged a single word, I wanted him for me. More than I care to admit. But that was not what destiny had planned for me.
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/2224446-Out-of-place