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learning to surf
Marvin sank below the surface for the 24th time. Feeling the under current pulling him down, he kicked hard against the stream, and struggled to raise his head back up above the water. He took a deep breath and sucked in a mouthful of the salty liquid, before slapping the surface in frustration over his many failed attempts. Marvin shook the water out of his hair and retrieved his board as it bobbed up in front of him. He hadn't been taught to "stay down"; if only he'd been taught to surf.

He lay flat on his belly, and once more paddled himself out a few feet, determined to master the little waves, before venturing out further to where the more experienced surfers liked to go. The water danced in gentle ripples around him, and when he was ready, he pulled himself into an upright position. He waited for the next wave to slide under his board and glide him steadily back toward the shore.

All of a sudden, Marvin's eyes grew wide, panic forced its way up from deep inside him, as he mouthed the words “Oh shit!” A huge and vengeful fist of water was heading straight toward him.

As his panic turned to indignation, he yelled above the roar of the rushing tide, "Are you threatening me?"

Then he went down for the 25th time.

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