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Rated: E · Fiction · Action/Adventure · #2224456
Here are the third and fourth chapters of "The Tragedy of Flameza."
The Drawing World Elementals: The Tragedy of Flameza

Chapter III: Plans to Defeat the X Enders

After Flameza and Lavia head home after returning from their adventure at Searing Temple, Hypnomind and Psygene go to the Central Elemental City Caf where they meet Aerial Ozones. They also find Electrass, Yukio Lixue, and Nievuelo Vale talking about something else at a different table.
"I just don't understand," Hypnomind said. "I've tried to talk things out with Ignatius and reason with him, but he only sets to his ways. You just can't reason with the X Enders, I tell you; you just can't. Seriously, whenever I think about those brutes with their plans to take over the Realm of Elements for themselves and execute us, problems stir up again!"
"Hypnomind, are you okay?" Aerial asked. "It feels like you are about to stress out about the horrible future with the X Enders and have recurring nightmares. You should take a breather or something, yeah?"
"I wish I could, Aerial, but not at a time like this, not while those punks are still alive." Hypnomind said. "As long as the X Enders and the Everdagger bandit are still alive, no one will be safe, no one!"
"Listen, brother," Psygene said. "I know you're concerned about the X Enders and their future plots, but we should at least talk about something else, something peaceful and relaxing."
"Like I said," Hypnomind argued, "there is no peace or safety from those villains or while they're still alive!"
"Hypnomind, please!" Aerial said. "We can't keep talking about those hideous villains trying to take over the world all time. We should at least talk about something else for a while, okay?"
Hypnomind starts stressing out so that Electrass, Yukio, and Nievuelo can hear him. "I can't!" he shouted. "I just can't stop talking about those brutes until they're dead and over with, okay? I mean, just look at me! I am just a chatty spirit elemental saying everything that comes up in my head, but that doesn't mean I don't know how to shut up!"
"Hypnomind..." Aerial said.
          Hypnomind crosses to Yukio's table. "As for you three, within a short amount of time, the X Enders will plan to execute us, put us into slavery, turn our lives into a living nightmare, and worst of all, trap us with our worst fears! And yes, the X Enders' reign will be the worst cataclysmic living nightmare ever!"
"Hypnomind...?" Psygene said, trying to stop his brother from talking.
Hypnomind now starts to panic. "I mean, seriously, it's not enough for just Ignatius to take over the world; he has his gang to help him with his deathly reign! We can never defeat them if we are all evened out, so we'd have to outnumber them! I don't know how we should face them in battle, but anybody who has ever faced them would be slaughtered or ripped to shreds, and if we don't plan ahead soon-"
"HYPNOMIND!!!" Aerial and Psygene yell at him.
"Now what?" Hypnomind crosses to Aerial and Psygene."
Psygene walks to his brother. "Hypnomind, calm down!" Psygene said. "You are letting all that negative energy get the best of you whenever you think about the X Enders and say them out loud, and you're just making it worse! Now, take a deep breath and exhale slowly. Release all the negative energy inside your mind."
Hypnomind slowly inhales through the nose and exhales through the mouth. "I am so sorry..." he said. "I was just so worried about our peace and safety that I-"
"Don't start with that again, Hypnomind," Yukio rudely interrupts. "You have already stressed out when you brought up Ignatius Brenton's evil future plans. So it is best not to talk about him at all!"
"Shut up, Yukio!" Hypnomind said to him.
"Seriously, be nice." Electrass added, talking to Yukio.
"So how are we going to defeat the X Enders, Hypnomind?" Psygene asked. "Please don't stress out again."
"I won't," Hypnomind said, shaking his head. "We'd have to defeat them in a certain order."
"Can you shut up about them already?" Yukio interrupts again. "You're making my ears bleed! By the way, Hypnomind, you are one heck of nerd!" His group starts laughing.
"Yukio!" Hypnomind shouts.
"Okay, okay!" Yukio said. "I have had enough about those morbid X Enders. I'm out of here." He leaves the caf
"Well, good luck at facing the X Enders, Hypnomind!" Electrass said as he leaves, while Hypnomind nods his head.
"You heard what Aerial said, right?" Nievuelo asked Hypnomind. "Don't stress out whenever you think about the X Enders and their future plans, or you'll have recurring nightmares about them every night. Just take a breather and you'll be fine. Good luck to you!" He leaves.
Some indie dance music starts playing.
"You were saying?" Aerial asks Hypnomind.
"I'm saying that the X Enders must be defeated in a certain order. Listen," Hypnomind said. He starts to sing an indie dance song about making a plan to defeat the X Enders and save the world once again:

         It's time to make a plan
         Of how to defeat the X Enders.
         Always plan ahead of time,
         Like it's now or never.

Aerial continues the song:

         Are you sure about this?
         'Cause they are far too OP.
         And if we even get close to them,
         We'll soon turn into ash and debris.

Hypnomind continues singing, telling Aerial to remain calm:

         Calm yourself, and I'll assure you
         That everything will be fine.
         And before you know it,
         We'll defeat the X Enders by design!

Psygene joins in the song, asking Hypnomind and Aerial how they would make a plan:

         How do we make a plan?
         How do we make a plan?
         How do we make a plan?

Hypnomind answers his older brother by singing the chorus of the song:

         We'll make a plan!
         We defeat the X Enders in order,
         And we save the best for last.
         Saving the world will be an honor,
         As long as we make a plan fast!

Hypnomind now sings the second verse:

         We will Duskdy the summoner first,
         And then we strike Ivy the healer.
         We can kill Gaia, Bayou, and Zephyr
         In any order before the leader.

         Sooner or later, we'll defeat
         The Everdagger bandit, too.
         After that, we'll take that super weapon
         Back to where it was, as good as new!

Aerial now sticks to the plan:

         Now we have a plan.


         Yes, we have a plan.

Psygene also sticks to the plan:

         Now we have a plan.

Everyone starts singing the second chorus:

         We have our plan!
         We defeat the X Enders in order,
         And we save the best for last.
         Saving the world will be an honor,
         As long as we make a plan fast!

         Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh

Hypnomind starts the bridge before the last chorus:

         Don't forget about the plan, okay?

Aerial promises Hypnomind:

         I promise, Hypnomind.

Psygene asks his younger brother about telling everyone else:

         Can we spread the word someday?

Hypnomind answers right before the last chorus:

         Yes, and never leave us behind!

          Everyone sings the last chorus and the end of the song:

         We have our plan!
         We defeat the X Enders in order,
         And we save the best for last.
         Saving the world will be an honor,
         As long as we make a plan fast!

         Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh

"So, does everything sound good?" Hypnomind asks after finishing his song.
"Sounds like a perfect plan," Psygene agrees.
"I agree with you," Aerial also agrees.
"Okay, let's go," Hypnomind said, as they all go off.

Chapter IV: Leafy and Leafia

Meanwhile, before Flameza and Lavia return from their adventure from Searing Temple, Leafia Blossom fell off her bike and broke her left arm, and then she comes home and complains about her injuries. "Gosh, I don't know how many times I have fallen off a bike and gotten hurt, even with biking gear on," she said.
While Leafia is talking to herself, Leafy Jungle hides in the shadows.
"Why does that keep happening to me every time I ride a bike?" Leafia continues. "This is so not cool. Now my arm won't heal anytime soon, but can I still exercise with a broken arm? Probably not."
Leafy appears out of the shadows, scaring Leafia. "Err... Leafia?" he said. "You're not talking to yourself again, are you?"
"What?" Leafia said, intimidated. "No, of course not!"
"Well, it sure sounded like it," said Leafy. "What happened to your arm?"
"I was riding my bike today, and I fell off and broke it," Leafia explains. "Apparently, I do not like to ride bikes because I almost always fall off and get hurt, especially when I'm wearing a helmet, knee pads, or elbow pads. I really hate it when that happens!"
Leafy goes on the other side of Leafia's room and grabs some lemonade from her cooler. "Horrible," he said.
"I know, right?"
"I can't ride bikes. Besides, I'm not an athlete."
"I understand, Leafy. But does that mean you don't even practice doing some simple exercises and sports activities?"
Before Leafia continues, a young boy Tikili Spearmint saunters her room. "Just think about it, Leafy!" she said. "What kind of exercises would you be interested in? There are lots to choose from!" She accidentally bumps into Tikili. "Oh my gosh, Tikili! I am so sorry. Are you okay?"
"Yes, I'm fine," Tikili said. "What were you talking about?"
"I fell off my bike and broke my arm, especially with biking gear on," Leafia answered.
"That's ridiculous," Tikili said, shaking his head.
"It is! I don't know why that always happens to me!" Leafia talks to Tikili and Leafy. "Welp, I better go hit the shops and buy some athletic shoes and a sports visor. Are you two boys coming?"
"No thanks," Tikili responded. "I have some independent things to do right now, but thanks for asking."
"And I should check in on Flameza and see what he's up to," Leafy also responded.
"Okay, I'll see you two... later?" Leafia said. She and Tikili then go off.
Leafy softly sighs after Leafia left her house to go shopping for sports items and Tikili went back home to make herbal teas with his parents. But before Leafy goes off to find Flameza and Lavia, he sings a song, imagining himself biking, his past, being stranded on an island, and getting lost in the woods:

         Can you imagine me
         Riding a bike down the streets?
         No way, not me. I can't ride bikes.
         Besides, I'm not an athlete.
         I prefer doing what I do
         To keep me busy all day.
         What about the others? I don't care
         What they all may say.

         Can you imagine
         Being unappreciated?
         Oh please, the past
         Has made me irritated!
         I just want a peaceful life
         Because everyone needs peace like I do.
         All those things in my past
         Were so difficult to go through.

         Can you imagine being stranded
         On an island with no one around?
         No, not a chance. I've had those dreams.
         If I tried going swimming, I would drown.
         Can you imagine hiking in the woods,
         Getting lost, and losing your way back?
         I've been lost in the woods before,
         But I never seemed to lose track.

         You just never knows what it feels like
         To frequently fall off a bike
         And get hurt even with biking gear on, do you?
         No, I don't want to fall in the same line, too.
         As you can see, I don't ride bikes.
         I would much prefer taking a hike.
         Poor Leafia, but lucky for me,
         No broken bones for me!

Leafy leaves Leafia's house to go look for Flameza and Lavia, but he would have to go to Flaming Terrain, find where they live, and avoid getting burned. They are already heading home after encountering the X Enders in the park and talking with Psygene and Hypnomind.

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