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When depression is taken as a JOKE
My feed is flooded with Depression consulars!!

* We're here if needed

* My inbox is open for you

* Talk it out before its too late

* Depression is serious & not to be taken as a joke

* Please message even if we don't know each other

* Speak up with your family instead of friends.


No depressed person will ever TEXT YOU or INBOX YOU or whatever

No depressed person will publish how depressed one is

No depressed person will ever CRY it out in front of you

No depressed person will tell you what's bothering

No depressed person will seek help!

Depression isn't acknowledged when a person draws back from being socially active or stops texting or stops responding completely





A depressed person will dance like there's no tomorrow, drink not to get drunk thou, laugh a little harder than a normal being, eat much more than the other, would be more social than the most of you, will post a lot more than most of you, will be insane in public and not give a damn about it, will talk to hundreds of people, will make new friends and will give out standing advice's.




"It's okay to talk it out, we're in this together" NO ! WE'RE NOT IN THIS TOGETHER


and you know why?



"RR nahi khatam hota yaar aiska"

"Ajeed Cpana hai"

"Jab dehko dhuki chal rahi / raha hota hai"

"Character sahi nahi hai aislyia sab say baat karti / karta hai"

"Har kisie ko nahie batao yaar log ajeeb samjay gay"


Last but the bomb-est!



Ap wohi hai na jo yeh bol kay kat laytay hai?


A Depressed person if in desperate need will only go to one, that's God!

No man kind can save him / her besides The Almighty. So instead of putting down statements such as those mentioned above.

So do yourself and others a favor PRAY for those in need.



Now go ahead, Prove me wrong.
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