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A poem about hope and the blogging adventure.
Blogging is a fascinating adventure,
empowering, naïve, chaste though never pure.
Fingers dancing on keyboard to pay their dues
while eagerly chasing ideal revenues,
nurturing the last one true innocent hope:
living free without any restricting rope.

It starts with engine searching for the right trope,
the right domain and host; drafting adventure.
Eventually, Gator discounts offer hope
of a safe and fast platform that remain pure,
away from dark web’s looming revenues,
and trial offer with seventh month high dues.

I install Wordpress, with updates overdues.
Widgets, shortcodes and plugins in the theme rope,
financed through Paypal donation revenues,
comfort me to pursue the blog adventure.
Webcomics and ShopIsle: forums shout impure!
But full template integration welcomes hope...

First post and no traffic, hard facts stealing hope.
Registration to directories past dues,
I worry that my mailbox cannot stay pure.
Gone is my freedom, tied down by IP rope.
Stuck, I trail the social media adventure,
analytics tracing path to revenues.

Time passes, sixth month now and few re-venues.
Webmasters tool slowly draining bits of hope,
to live away from spamming and ad venture.
I trade financial balance with moral dues,
writing and posting on a very thin rope,
my content struggling to stay true and pure.

Fingers now slaving for meager revenues,
No bread, bills piling up, and long overdues,

Dreams of freedom still bright and vivid, I hope,
It’s keeping me away from dark ending rope.

Blogging is a fascinating adventure,
empowering, naïve, chaste though never pure.

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