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Rated: E · Fiction · Drama · #2224483
A teaser for my next story, starring a certain someone's relative
Once upon a time, there were two brothers with the last name Murphy.
The older one was named Angelo, the younger one was named Daniel.
They were good men, but they had a severe case of bad luck regarding women. It was so bad that people who knew them referred to it as a "curse".
Both had numerous lovers across the years, but they always ended up dumping them for seemingly no reason after some months of dating. All of the women they ever loved never gave them any explanation of why they left them, they just did.
But alas, they never gave up, and surely enough, Angelo eventually met a girl named Lydia, who he ended up marrying and having a child with, a little boy that they named Adonis, or Don for short.
However, this seemingly perfect scenario did not last. When Don turned 2 years old, Angelo had to leave his family behind to go fight in the war.
And like in every war, there are always victims, namely, Angelo and his family. One day, Lydia received the terrible news that Angelo had sadly died on the battlefield.
She was understandably upset.
That day, Lydia lost her husband, Don lost his father, and Daniel lost his brother.
His burial was held two days later, and just when things couldn't possibly get worse, Lydia mysteriously disappeared shortly after, leaving Daniel with the obligation of looking after his own son and his now basically parentless nephew.

While on the subject, Daniel had also found true love, or so he thought. The girl's name, to this day, is yet to be made known.
They too had a son, that they named Jerome. However, they weren't married by the time he was born.
Daniel was more than willing to marry his couple and start a family with her, just as his brother had.
The girl, on the other hand, thought differently.
When Jerome was born, Daniel was asked by the doctors to take the baby home while his beloved recovered, and so he did.
Things got bad when the day his couple could finally return home arrived.
Daniel drove to the hospital to pick up the girl, but when he got inside, she was nowhere to be found.
He asked the staff, and he was told that someone else had arrived before him and that same person took her away. Daniel was confused, as he didn't know any of this.
He called to her phone. No one answered.
He waited. But to no avail.
The days turned into months, and the months turned into years.
The girl never returned...

And so, years passed. The cousins had grown.
Don went up to become the personal assistant of Haruka Ogura, a famous sumo wrestler in Japan.

As for Jerome...
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