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Just some advice
Do not be deceived, dear brethren, take heed

Of my advice, so that there be no need

To have future events enveloped in mystery,

We all are here to fulfill an important destiny.

One that Jesus has ordained since the dawn of time

His kindness knows no bounds, He is God, divine

Being saved by grace we need to believe,

But also repent and to not grieve,

The Holy Spirit who loves us so much,

Our days are like grass, we have a watch

A time settled, and we don't know when it stops

When the shows ends, the audience claps.

So we need to be responsible right now

And give our lives to Christ, whom we all shall bow

Sooner or later, at judgement day

It might be too late if you now say nay.

But the deception I have talked about before,

Other than living for yourself, is about the war

Which will soon take place between good and evil

More epic than any sight, more noisy than any upheavel

In this tumultuous times they'll want you to take a mark

Which could lead you to a future full of despair, so dark

Drinking the wrath of God, being granted no forgiveness

You will not taste paradise, and all its richness

They shall persecute you if you refuse the mark

But compared to eternal hellfire they are but a lark

And do not fear those that can destroy the body at all

Fear Him who can destroy both soul and body in Gei-Hinnom (hell)

Without the mark you will not buy or sell

But resist, do not succumb to temptation's whisper or yell

You should not worship the beast

Nor the mark, the number six hundred threescore and six.

In the end the bridegroom (Jesus) will arrive

If we are His, we will all thrive!
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