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Shally's old friend is using one of her new friends to cause a little bit of trouble.
Chapter 1: Diarys and Selena
         Yup. It's me. The "one and only" Shally. People always think I'm the bad guy. I honestly don't have a clue what I did so wrong to make them think that. Maybe it's because of that one machine I made, but let's be real, the mess that I made wasn't that bad. Only a few tall buildings collapsed! Well, good riddance! I just had to go to jail. How could I know that it's illegal to destroy entire cities?! Now I'm in the lower lands in the foul city that's Zarraca. Everyone here is so-o-o strict about their rules. I mean, I understand. This place has loads of natural disasters and all that. But who knew this place would be crawling with outlaws? Now I'm one of them. Maybe I could dimension hop. Unfortunately, I lost my D.I.S.C. at the stone shaft. The stone shaft is a place where outlaws hang out, make plans, and buy and sell things. It's also a place where outlaws steal things. Like my D.I.S.C. Apparently, the guy was a hero, of some sort, and stole it because he thought I was someone else. He won't give it back.
         Fortunately, there's a D.I.S.C. shop near the stone shaft, so all I have to do is go there. The only problem is, I don't have enough money. The only money I have is a couple of pennies and a dime. I'll have to steal some loose change from others. "Bad Guy 101", as most people call it. But I'm not a bad guy. You could say CELL is, because she's the one who got me into this mess. But still, she's my best friend; My only friend, you could say. Soo..
         I think I'll go steal loose change. That'll probably do the trick.

         Shally took a deep breath, then put her diary into her bag.
         I'd better get started. She thought. This is going to take a while. She got up and looked around.
         She was going to need a person who was distracted. Then she spotted someone talking to another someone. The person was clearly a she, with a fox tail and ears. She had short messy blond hair, and wore some blue glasses. The part that made her a she was her denim skirt.
         Her! Thought Shally. She creeped up behind the girl and then spotted a dollar in her back pocket. As she was going to grab it, the girl turned around.
         "Oh!" Shally cried.
         "Oh my, I'm sorry!" said the girl with glasses.
         "I-I-I'm sor-rry." Shally trembled.
         "No, it's my fault for being in your way." She said, and shook her head. "Are you lost, or somethin'?"
         SHOOT SHOOT SHOOT... The word kept crawling through her thoughts. "N-no, I'm just.." She stopped. "I'm just.. Looking for new.. Erm.. Friends.. Yeah, that, new friends!"
         "Oh! Same here!" Cried the girl. "My name is Selena, who're you?"
         "Shally, soo, can I-"
         "LET'S GO!!" Selena cried, grabbing Shally's hand. She ran up, out of the stone shaft. Shally covered her eyes as they ran out into the sunlight.
         "Here, let's go dimension hoppin'!" Selena cried, and handed Shally a D.I.S.C. "Let's go to Maracia, where I live."
         "W-wait, Marac-" Shally started, but couldn't finish, because the D.I.S.C. sucked her into the portal. Into disaster.
         To the place where Yuri was.

Chapter 2: Maracia
         Shally opened her eyes to see a giant house, a mansion. Almost. The house was a pale purple color, with blue tinted windows. A girl in a maid dress was standing outside of the house. Shally took a sigh of relief. Yuri wasn't here, at this mansion. She couldn't be. The girl in the maid dress was remarkability beautiful, with brown eyes, red hair, and.. DEER ANTLERS.
         What the..? Shally thought that Selena was the only one who was an animal-human from this part of Maracia. That's how it was how it worked in her dimension, at least. "Hello, Mistress Selena," the maid said. "And friend."
         Shally looked at her. "Hey." was all she could say. "Shally, this is Fiona, my housekeeper and babysitter." said Selena.
         "Babysitter?" asked Shally.
         "Oh! I haven't told you about him yet.." Selena said "LEO!! Leo, come here."
         A small boy came bounding from the back of the house. What Shally saw was mouth-dropping, for her anyway.
          SIRIOUSLY?! She thought to herself. Leo had light brown skin, dark brown hair, and RACCOON EARS AND TAIL.
         COME ON! Shally cried in her thoughts. REALLY?!
         "Hello miss catty cat-cat!" Leo said innocently.
         "How do you-" Shally started, then got cut off by Selena.
         "You're right, Leo, she is a cat!"
         Shally looked down at her cat tail, which was waving around under her black dress. Her face turned a bright red.
         "This-this- this isn't what it looks like!" Shally said.
         "OOooOoOooOOoOOOoHHHHHhhHhhHhHHhHHhH, mommy met a kitty cat at the stone shaft!" Leo cried. "Can I pleeease see your ears??"
         "Umm.." Shally didn't know what to do. She promised CELL that she wouldn't show anyone her ears or tail. But then again..
         Shally took off her hood to reveal her cat ears. They were black, like her long, black hair, and had red tips, like her tips of her hair. She looked at all of her friends' faces. Leo looked triumphant, Selena looked awed, and Fiona had her hands over her mouth. She smiled.
         "Weren't expecting that, huh?" she said.
         "You're..You're.." Selena said, "YOU'RE SO BEAUTIFUL! Why are you hiding such beauty?!" They all looked at Shally. She smiled. "A promise." She said slyly, then burst into laughter. These guys were growing on her. She liked them a lot. Leo was very talkative, and that was normal for his age. Fiona was quiet, but clearly had a big heart. And Selena..
         There was something about her. She was funny, nice, and big hearted, like Fiona, yes, but she had that vibe, like she was hiding something from the world. Shally looked over at her.
         Selena can't be her name, Shally realized. Her name tag at the stone shaft said something else, but she couldn't remember what.
         What are you hiding?

Chapter 3: Phone messages
         That night, Fiona showed Shally her room. The room was a light green color with a princess- sized bed in it. There was a fairly large window in the center of a wall, with purple-and-green plaid curtains. There was a walk-in closet with hundreds of hangers and shelves.
         "Do I really need all this space for a closet?" Shally wondered out loud.
         "No." Fiona said briskly. "Mistress Selena just wants to make sure you have enough room for anything you might have."
         But I only have the clothes on my back and a few cents. Shally thought to herself.
         "Mistress Selena has some pajamas for you in that first drawer to the right." Fiona said as she pointed at the drawer. Shally peered into the drawer, and saw the ugliest pair of pajamas she had ever seen. They were a pale pink and diarrhea green checkerboard design, with barf yellow buttons and lace. Fiona cringed at the pajamas.
         "I think that is the worst thing that Mistress Selena has ever got; and she gets some pretty ugly things!" Fiona said briskly, turning away from Shally. "But don't worry! I'll get you something else to wear." Fiona winked, then left her room.
         Shally looked around her room for the last time. Then she heard something coming from the room next door.
         Huh? Shally creepept out of her room. She stalked across the hall to the door, then put her ear on the door.
         "K, when can you get here?"
         Silence. Murmurs of someone talking on the phone.
         "Tomorrow? Great, Yuri! I'll have Fiona get you a room ready."
          Yuri?! She began to panic.
         Shally couldn't believe what she was hearing. Yuri? Coming here? She needed to get out of here, and fast. But how was she going to explain to Selena, if that was even her name, that she was leaving? And where would she go? She couldn't go to a hotel, she didn't have enough money. Besides, she didn't even know if this dimension had the same money that she had.
         If the Yuri on the phone was the Yuri Shally knew, then she was in deep, deep trouble. Yuri; she wasn't evil, or crazy, heck, she wasn't even mad at Shally for one thing or another. She was a clingy, annoying, STALKER. She had stalked Shally for almost 3 years. Then, she left for this dimension to do something. She was an angel (more like a devil, in Shally's case) and went to the same middle school as her. CELL said she was lesbian, which, later on, they found out was not true, but that she was a clingy stalker.
         Hoo boy,This is going to be a bumpy ride. Shally thought to herself as she walked back to her room.
Chapter 4: Someone named CELLena
         Shally crept into her room and sat on her bed, so many thoughts rushed through her head. A few minutes passed, and Fiona peeked into her room.
         "I got your new pajamas." Fiona said, taking note of Shally's mood. "Can I get you anything else?" Shally shook her head, snapping back into existence.
         "No." she said, taking the pajamas from Fiona, "Thank you." Fiona left the room, leaving Shally alone. She slipped into her pajamas, then looked into the mirror.
         She still had to find a way to avoid Yuri. She was coming here tomorrow. She could hide. But, Selena might come looking for her. Shally knew she would have to tell Selena that she had to go. Like, right now. She sighed, then went to her door. Then, as she reached out to knock on Selena's door, she heard her say something that would change her life forever.
         Yeah, the memory gun is ready.
         Mumbles and whispers from Yuri. Then Shally heard Selena chuckle, then she started giggling, until she was full out laughing, cackling, like a witch.
         And that moment Shally could tell that this wasn't the Selena that she'd met today. Someone or something had taken control of her, like a parasite..
         And she knew exactly who to blame.
         CELL. I knew I shouldn't of let go of you.
         But she had done it anyway. Now CELL was using her powers, and she used it on her new friend just barely, and now she was bringing Yuri straight to her. This was her plan all along. This was why Yuri came here, and why she watched her for all those years.
         "Wow! Aren't you smart?" Selena said, opening the door. Her eyes were now red. "After all, you always were." Shally realised she was being watched by Selena-CELL.
         Oh. I forgot.
         "Yes you diiiid!" CELL could read minds. Of course she forgot, and if she forgot anything like that again, she would be in so much dang trouble, her life wouldn't be safer than an ant on a highway.
Chapter 5: Boys, Boys, Boys
         Shally ran into her room and flopped onto her bed, tears welling in her eyes.
         CELL, how could you? Shally thought. She blinked away her tears and slid under her covers. "Um, hey, I saw you run into here, and.. I was wondering if you're ok." Leo peeped into her room, with a shy smile on his face, and cookies with gooey chocolate chips inside of a gallon plastic bag. He opened it and grabbed a cookie.
         "Hey, you're going to turn your white gloves brown!" laughed Shally, wiping a tear off her face. She hadn't noticed that he was wearing the gloves before, but maybe he just barely put them on, to cover up that he took the cookies.
         "Hey, do you want one?" He asked, hopping onto her bed.
         "N-no, but can you tell your mom that-" She got cut off by a loud sound, coming from downstairs. "FIONA!" cried Leo. "She's down there!"
         "Then let's go see if she's ok!" Shally said, running out of the room. There, she and Leo saw Fiona banging pots and pans together, yelling at someone. But it wasn't Yuri, it was someone else. A boy. The boy had black hair with pale, very pale eyes. He wore a pine green sweater with a yellow pyramid-triangle on it, and had a checkered belt.
         "I told you already, Zane!!!" Fiona screamed at the boy, "I'M. NOT. INTERESTED!!!"
         "But Fiona~" Zane said innocently.
         "I. SAID. NO. GET OUT OF MY HOUSE." Fiona was boiling now. Shally had never seen her like this before.
         "Fine,Fine." Zane said.
         Shally heard him mutter under his breath, "I still can't see what she sees in my brother."
         "Who was that?" Shally asked after he left. She knew that his name was Zane, and that he had a brother, but that was about it.
         "He's Zane Decipher. I'm dating his brother, Zalt Decipher, and when he brought me to his home to meet his family, Zane fell for me. Now he's always 'visiting' me." Fiona sighed. "It's getting to be very annoying." Fiona shook her head. "You don't have to worry, though. This is my problem, not yours."
         Shally blinked. "O-oh, I need to tell you something."

Shally was slipping into bed when she heard a knock on her door. "Come in." she said as she sat up in her bed. It was Leo.
         "Hi." he said, with a slight tremble in his voice. "Can you.. Can we talk?" Leo crept in her room, with Fiona close behind.
         "Mom isin't.." Leo started.
         "Acting like herself?" Shally finished him.
         "So you know, too?" Fiona asked.
         "Yeah, I went to.. Ask her something.. And she.." Shally paused, realising that she probably shouldn't tell them about the memory ray.
         "We know what you mean." Fiona said, putting her hand on Shally's shoulder. But they didn't know. If they did know about the memory ray, one of them would mention it. Besides, they didn't know what she was going through. Yuri was coming, and she presumed that they didn't know her, and she was lost from home, and she was stuck here until she could escape, because CELL was using Selena, and..
         "Hey, are you ok?" Fiona asked, grabbing Shally by both shoulders. Shally realized she was in a deep gaze.
         "Y-yeah.." Shally said, smiling at her. Then the doorbell rang.
         "I'll get it." Fiona said. "Most likely Zane." She muttered. She opened the door, and to her surprise, it wasn't Zane. It was a boy, most likely 18 years old, from what Shally could see, and had a resemblance to Fiona.
         Fiona gasped.
Chapter 6: Ink
         Fiona took a step back. "I-I.." Fiona was shaking her head. "But your-"
         "But I'm not." the boy said. He had a hood on, and he had beach shorts with bamboo on them. He took off his hood, and it revealed deer ears and light blue hair.
         Shally paused for a moment.
         "Wait." Shally said. "Aren't you supposed to have antlers, deer-person that Fiona knows? And you, Fiona, aren't you not supposed to have antlers?" Fiona and the boy blinked, then the boy chuckled.
         "First, my name is Peter. Second, yes, yes we should. But our DNA is all scrambled, so.. Yeah." Peter shrugged. "It's.. weird." Shally heard a small noise come from a room by the stairs. Huh? She walked over to the door, and looked inside. A bottle of ink had fallen on a piece of computer paper, and on the center of it, sat a small girl, the size of a finger.
         "Hewo?" the small girl said, looking around. "Weawr am I's? Weawr is my papwer?" The girl looked as if she were to cry. Shally looked at her paper, and saw a word, scribbled onto it with a pen that exploded.
         Marillyn., It said.
         "H-hey, Marillyn-" Shally started.
         "Who awre you?" Marillyn said looking up at her.
         "I'm Shally. Are you lost?"
         "Hey, so am I" Shally picked Marillyn up. "I'll help you home."
         "Fank you." Marillyn said, smiling at Shally.
         Shally picked up the inky piece of paper, and put it in her pocket.
         "Now, where should I put you.." Shally scanned down her clothes.
         "You can pwut me in youwr powcket, wif the papwer." Marillyn said. "Don't worwy. I'll be otay in dere."
         Shally put her into her pocket, then left the closet.
         "Hey, where'd you go?" Peter asked when she came back.
         "Oh.." Shally paused. Should she tell them about Marillyn? Or should she not?
         "Hewo!" Marillyn peeped from her pocket and waved. Welp. It looked like she had no other choice than to tell them about her.
         "This is Marillyn, guys." Shally managed to say.
         "Oh. My. Lanta!" Fiona gushed. "She's adorable!!" Fiona picked up the small girl and smiled. "Hi, my name is Fiona, this is Peter, my brother, and Le- Hey, where is Leo?" The group looked around for Leo, but he was nowhere to be seen. Marillyn stretched, and all of a sudden, she had wings, very inky wings. Everyone stared at Marillyn's newest feature.
         "Hey, maybe Marillyn can help us by flying!" Peter said, which, in fact, was the dumbest thing Shally had heard anyone say ever.
         "That won't work, Peter, because she just got them." Fiona said, shaking her head. "You're still the same Zarracian I remember." But, as she said "same Zarracian", She had an and-I-wouldn't-change-it-for-the-worlds look in her eyes.
         "It's otay." Marillyn said. "I's still can hewp, white?" Shally nodded her head, but she wasn't really listening that hard. She was deep in thought. But not her normal deep in thought moments. She was really deep in thought, wondering, answering, questanuing. How had Marillyn gained wings in a matter of seconds? Why were they so inky? How was Marillyn created? What did she mean by "my paper"? What was on the paper, under all of the ink? Was Marillyn drawn by someone? Or was it a photograph?
         Maybe Marillyn was created by the ink? Shally thought to herself. If so, how? would be the question she'd be asking.
         "Hey, is Shally over there gonna be ok?" Shally snapped back into reality as she heard Peter ask.
         "Y-yeah." Shally said. "That's just something that happens to me when I'm deep in thought."
         "Oh." Peter said, and his face was funny-but-I'm-not-trying-to-be-funny, and Shally had to hold her breath to not laugh.
         "Lewts go, gwuys!" Marillyn said with an anxious face. "I's wants to sees Weo!"
         They all laughed, and left into Selena's house to go look for a Maracian, who was in more danger than a knight who went to go fight a dragon with no armor on.
Chapter 7: Marillyn's Friend
         The group went from room to room, looking for Leo. There was no trace of him anywhere. They looked in every room, even CELL-Selena's room. He wasn't there, he wasn't anywhere.
         "Where can he be?" Shally sighed. Peter shrugged. Marillyn was looking sadder and sadder by the second, and Fiona looked extremely anxious.
         "Hey, don't worry!" Shally told Marillyn. "We'll find him."
         "Dat's not why I'ms sad!" Marillyn said. "Wew, I's is sad because Weo is missing, but I'ms wonewy, too. I's wants a fwiend, my siwize." Shally blinked. How was she supposed to make another creature like her? She began to study Marillyn. If she could make a friend for her, she might as well make her friend like her. Marillyn had a black dress, like the ones in old cartoons, and had some black long gloves and boots. She was a fox; not a fox-person, more like a fox-mutant. She had average-length hair that was white, that had ink stains in it, and had old cartoon eyes, like from an old Jenny studio film. She had a small pendant on her dress that was shaped like a fox tail, and on top of all of that, she was black and white.
         "Hmmm.." Shally put her finger on top of her mouth, thinking. "Well, I could draw you a friend." Shally pulled out a notepad from her back pocket and sat down.
         "What do you want your friend to look like?" Shally looked down at Merillyn, still in her pocket.
         "Wew, fowr stawters, my fwiend wiw be a bwoy."
         Shally nodded.
         "And.. He'w be a doggy!"
         Shally sketched out a dog with human features for all but his head and tail.
         "And.. He'w be weawring a tuxcwedo! Wif a doggy twag instwed of a tie or bow!"
         Shally drew on his outfit, with a beautiful bow on his tag.
         "And he'w have a srwuffy tawil."
         Shally drew out a messy tail in the back of him. "What do you want his name to be?" Shally asked.
         "William." Marillyn said. "Awlso, down't fowgewt to add hwis height!"
         "What do you want his height to be?" Shally asked.
         "20 inches by 2 inches."
         Shally drew out a small stick figure to show his height, and then added the numbers to show how big he was.
         "Now!" Marillyn said, "We needs ink."
         "Ink?" Shally looked down at her confused.
         "That's hows I's was bowrns, right?"
         "Right.." Shally whispered. If anyone knew about that, anyone could create anything they could imagine, all they would have to do would be to draw what they wish to have, then just pour in on the picture. That would either end in chaos or joy, depending on what it was. Marillyn was on the joy side, and hopefully William, too.
         "Marillyn, I need you to promise me something." Shally took her out of the pocket and looked into her cartoony eyes. "Promise me you won't tell anyone about how to do this."
         "W-why?" Marillyn asked, trembling.
         "Because there's a lot of people who are not too great, and they might use this knowledge to do bad things." Shally said. "They might use it to get someone someone else loves."
         "Like William?" Marillyn cried.
         "Yes, like him," Shally said. "That's why you can't tell anyone except William."
         "Otay." Marillyn said, nodding her head. "I sweawr ons my wife."
         "Good. Thank you." Shally picked her up and put her in her pocket, and they started their quest for a bottle of ink that would be harder to get than trying to find a needle in a haystack.
Chapter 8: Quest for the Ink
Shally put her notepad into her secret pocket, where she hid her bag and diary, and gently put Marillyn into her pocket. Then she sat up and saw Peter asleep on the opposite wall from her.
"Come on," She said to Marillyn, "let's go."
"Wet's go to Sewina's woom" Marillyn said. "I's saw some ink in her woom."
"Maybe we should go look somewhere else first." Shally said, cracking a small smile. "Kay?"
"Otay!" Marillyn said, scooting further up in Shally's pocket.
They walked downstairs, to the closest Shally had found Marillyn in.
"Maybe there's some ink in here still," Shally said, "And if not, maybe there's another bottle in here." Shally pushed objects of all sizes away, but she couldn't see a bottle of ink anywhere, besides the empty ink bottle, now lying on the ground. She sighed.
"Maybe we should go look in Selena's room." Shally said, frowning.
"I's know dere's ink in her woom. I's saw it." Marillyn puffed up her chest as if she were really fit. Shally chuckled.
"Wet's gows." Marillyn pushed the pocket forward, as if she were strong enough to push Shally forward. Shally walked back upstairs, to Selena's room. There, she found Fiona at Selena's door, looking as if she were ready to knock it down.
"Hey, Fiona." Shally said as she walked towards her. "What are you doing?"
"Peter went in there, he said 'Don't worry I'll be out in a jiffy!' and it's been twenty minutes." Fiona said angrily.
"Sheesh, she's not berry happy wappy." Marillyn exclaimed.
"She's just.. Worried." Shally told Marillyn.
"Ok, ok, I'll come out miss my monkey-butt hammer!" Peter said peeking out of Selena's room. "Also, this ain't no normal room. Come look!"
The girls peeked in and their mouths dropped wide open. The room looked like a lab, papers scattered everywhere, a desk was covered with pencils, paper and..
Wait..? Shally saw a pen. Not any normal pen, but a pen that had exploded, and had black ink.
It can't be. Shally began to piece together the pieces of the puzzle that was right in front of her. Selena drew Marillyn. She most likely lost her in the closet. Something knocked over the ink bottle, pouring all over the picture. Marillyn was born...
Then I found her.. Alone.. Sad.. Shally began to tear up, over there by the desk. She rubbed her eyes and pulled out Marillyn's paper. Most of the ink had dried, but she managed to wipe some of it off. From what she could see, there was a larger picture of just Marillyn's face, a rough drawing of her size, and her name. On the back, nothing but darkness. Shally showed it to Marillyn.
"I's don't wemembwer much when I's was in the papwer." Marillyn said looking up at Shally, "but I's pweety sir dat dats my papwer."
Shally nodded. "Yes, it's your paper." She felt like she was taking care of a two year old. Shally turned around to leave, but the door swung open, and there stood Selena. But, something was off about her, even if she was still being brainwashed by CELL. Her eyes were black, at least the one that was visible. CELL's eyes never turned black, unless..
"Calm down, Selena, I know you're still in there." Shally cried, staring straight into her eyes.
"See has da ink!" cried Marillyn. She was right. In Selena's right hand, she held a bottle of ink. They needed that ink, but if CELL-Selena had it, it'd be almost impossible to get it. She needed to calm her down, she was the only one that could calm her. She grabbed Marillyn softly by the arm and put her on the desk.
"Stay here, unless that girl over there comes over here, then either hide or jump off the edge." Shally said to her.
"O-otay?" Marillyn said. Her face looked so frightened, and Shally hated to leave her there, but she'd be safer there.
Please stay there, no matter what Fiona and Peter say to you. Shally pleaded in her mind. Please. Please. Please. Please stay put.
Selena was still by the doorway, when Shally said, "Hey! Black-eyes!"
Selena turned to face her. Shally was by the window, looking straight at Selena.
Then she jumped out the window.
She heard Marillyn cry, but she couldn't make out what she said. Selena was
jumping off the edge, too. She knew that she was the one CELL wanted
Take me. She thought to herself, with a tear sliding off her face. Not Selena or Marillyn.
She smiled a wide smile as she fell off the edge with a mad Selena falling right behind her.
Chapter 9: The Flashback Fall
                   Shally stepped out of the restroom and took off the towel on her head. She'd just
         dyed her tips of her hair red, and she realized that she dyed her ear tips, too.
          Oh well. She thought to herself. At least it looks good. She looked around, searching for CELL. She had dyed her hair, too, but she must have dyed all of her hair, because she wasn't out yet. About a half an hour later, CELL came out, with a blazing red for her hair. Shally could still see the white-blonde of her hair before she dyed it at her tips.
          "Did you not dye the tips of your hair on purpose?" Shally asked. CELL nodded. CELL was wearing a black and grey puffy dress, and she had a dark grey sweater with a square shaped hole by the collar of her sweater.
          "I thought it'd be cool, considering that I'm still pale." She smiled at Shally and then looked as if she just remembered something.
          "Also," She said, with much excitement, "I got a surprise for you at the lab!"
          "What?" Shally looked at CELL with excitement boiling in her eyes.
          "C'mon!" CELL cried, grabbing Shally by the arm, and raced to her car.

          When they arrived at the lab, Shally and CELL headed straight for the portals lab. When CELL opened the lab door, Shally's mouth dropped wide open.
          "W-what's all this?!" Shally cried, looking at CELL.
          "It's a portal I designed for you." CELL said, smiling down at Shally. "You know it's your birthday, and I wanted to make you happy."
          Shally couldn't believe her. She'd always wanted to hop dimensions, and now was her chance!
          "Oh, thank you, CELL!" Shally hugged her friend, and then hopped down the stairs to the portal. But someone else was watching her. More precisely, Zane Decipher. Zane came into view and he pulled a lever.
          "Shally! Watch out!" CELL cried.
          Shally looked up from her examinations and gasped. She was being pulled off the ground by the portal. She glanced over at the thing that showed where she was going, and the dial read "Zarraca." It looked like she was getting a one way ticket to the dimension of natural disasters.
          CELL ran towards her, and she grabbed her hand. She had a D.I.S.C. in her hand.
          "CELL, give me the D.I.S.C., please." Shally looked down at her. CELL gave her it, and Shally smiled.
          "Now let go," She said to CELL. "I'll be fine."
          "Are you mad?!" CELL cried, "I'm not letting you go!"
          "Please, CELL, let go. I'll be fine."
          CELL looked up at her, then she let go. She began to cry and scream, "SHALLY-"
          And Shally felt a tear fall onto her face, as she found herself in the hopping space. She knew she'd done the right thing- right?

          Shally opened her eyes, on the ground and saw the real Selena staring at her, with a pair of angel wings.

Chapter 10: Friends are Important
         "Uh, am I..?" Shally looked at Selena, "And are you..?
         "No," Selena said. "We're not dead." Shally took a deep breath.
         "Oh!" she heard a person coming towards them. "Is she going to be ok?"
         Shally looked at the person coming. She had purple and pink hair, in a messy bun. She had grey eyes, extremely long sleeves, a shirt with a pink square on the top of her shirt. She had a mini skirt that was purple and a belt that was grey, with some purple shoes. She instantly wished she were dead. The person coming to them was Yuri.
         "Yuri!" Selena lightly put Shally down. "Yeah, she's ok. She just had a.. Fall."
         Yuri looked down at Shally, without a bad scratch, and looked at Selena, who had some wings.
         "I'm all ready to test your new chair!" said Yuri, "Also, what was the memory gun thing about?"
         "Huh?" Selena looked at her as if she'd just asked if she could go out in a snowstorm with only a swimsuit on.
         "She had some, issues before you got here." Shally said. "Also, I think that we should get up to date with each other."
         "Shally?" Yuri looked down at her.
         "Come on." Shally grabbed her arm and took her inside.

         "This is Fiona, and Peter, and Marillyn." Shally told her. Yuri waved to them.
         "Nice to meet you." she said, "Selena asked if I could come over to test something she has. I met her on Donderday."
         Shally suddenly remembered William.
         "Hey, Selena?" Shally looked at Selena. "Can I have that ink?"
         "If you're planning on making him alive, you'd better use this ink" She handed her a bottle of ink that looked like the ink that had spilled on Marillyn's paper. Then Shally noticed a note at the top of the bottle. It read, "MAGIC INK-USE AT YOUR OWN RISK" in bold letters.
         "So that's how that works." Peter said, chuckling.
         "Yeah." Shally was deep in thought now. Was that what the bottle said in the closet? She wondered to herself.
         They also needed to get to her dimension, to stop CELL from doing, whatever, she was doing.
         "Guys, we need to get to my dimension." Shally said, pouring the ink on William's paper. All of a sudden, a hand popped out of the paper, then another, then a head, and finally, he was out of the paper, sitting on the ground with ink all over him.
         "Uh." William looked up at all the people looking down at him.
         "Hewo!" Marillyn jumped down off the desk. "I'ms Marillyn."
         "I'm William, nice to meet you," William had better grammar than Marillyn, Shally thought, at least.
         "Alright, William, it's very nice to meet you, in person, but we need to get to my dimension, to stop CELL." Shally put Marillyn and William in her pocket, and waved to the rest of the others to come follow her.
         "Selena, can you show us a place where we can dimension hop?" Shally turned to Selena, and she led them outside.
         "This is the safest place to dimension hop." Selena said. She handed everyone a D.I.S.C.
         "Has anyone not used a D.I.S.C. before?" Shally looked over at everyone, and it looked like everyone had used one.
         "Alright." She said, putting her D.I.S.C. onto place on her arm. "Put the dial on Hurmania."
         Everyone set the dial to her dimension. Shally took one last look at the mansion, then turned to everyone she'd met or seen again.
         "Alright!" She said to them. "Let's go!"
         The now very large group of people took off into the hopping space, and someone named Zane Decipher had a boy with racoon features wrapped in his arm, and he took off for Hurmania after the person he wanted the most.
          ~to be continued...~


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