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A teacher's activity with his class.
"Well done James, that was very interesting," Mr Wright said to the nervous looking kid standing at the front of the class. He was actually wondering what the hell the parents of an 11 year old kid were doing, letting him bring a sixteenth century musket into school.

"Give him a clap, class." The other kids began to give James an applause and he just stood there holding his musket, as if he was going to pull the trigger.

Slightly unnerved, Mr Wright spoke over the sounds of the children clapping. "You can go back to your desk now."

James put the gun down and left the front of the classroom, he then sat down, putting the old musket on the floor next to him.

It didn't work of course. The headmaster had checked it when James's parents arrived with him in the morning. But seeing a kid with a gun in front of a classroom like that was terrifying.

"Jennifer, you're next."

A little girl in a pink dress was sitting near the front of the classroom. She got up and carried a teddy bear to the front.

"This is Mister Snuggles," she began and Mr Wright immediately shut off. It was always the same story when the kids brought in their bears and this kid was full of it. He'd give her top marks, she was a clever little so and so, but he couldn't bare to listen any more.

"And that's why I love my bear." The girl finished.

The class clapped and she went back to her seat.

Robbie was a quiet kid. He always sat at the back of the class but hardly ever messed about. He wasn't top of the class, although he was far from being stupid. If he wasn't such a daydreamer, Mr Wright thought he could achieve so much more.

"Robbie, you're up next."

The boy never moved.

"Robbie?" The teacher called, his voice a little louder than ordinary speech.


"Robbie!" It was rare Mister Wright shouted in class and a few of the pupils jumped in their seat.

"Yes. Sir. Is it me?"

"Yes Robbie. Go ahead." The teacher wasn't sure if the boy had been sleeping or just daydreaming.

The boy picked up a piece of paper from his desk and walked to the front of the class. He stood in the spot the other two kids had stood before him.

"Can I put this on the blackboard, sir?" The lad asked, waving the paper in the air.

"There is blu-tac on my desk," Mr Wright replied, pointing to the table behind the boy.

Robbie looked for a second and the found it. He pulled a few pieces off and then stuck the paper to the blackboard and stood next to it.

It was a blown up picture of an old lady. Slightly blurry because the picture was obviously supposed to be smaller.

The boy put his hands in his pockets and looked down towards the floor.
"This is my nana." He began.

"Robbie, take your hands out of your pockets and talk to the class."

The boy looked up, directly at the teacher.

"Okay." He said and then continued while looking at the kids sat in the classroom.

"This is my nana and she's the woman I love most in the world." He looked towards the teacher for reassurance and Mr Wright smiled and nodded.

A little more confident now, he began to speak louder.

"She used to look after me when I was little and when my mum wasn't there. She even looked after me when my mum was in work and I was ten." He looked down at his feet again as if he was embarrassed by this, but then made a conscious effort to look at the class again.

"I took this picture of her on my phone." He looked at Mr Wright.

"My dad came to see me. I hadn't seen him in ages and I heard him telling nana he hadn't seen me in ages either. I thought he'd been to see me, but I must've been asleep or just couldn't remember. Now I knew he hadn't seen me."

The boy shuffled his feet and took a breath.

"I was going to run out into the hall and give him a hug, but I fell over my mum. She was lying on the floor and I tripped. She didn't move so I shouted for nana."

Robbie paused, as though thinking what to say next. The teacher thought about stopping the boy, but he wondered what was going to happen next in the story.

"Nana came into the room where I fell over mum and she started screaming. Dad told her to stop but she wouldn't. Then she turned around and hit dad so he pushed her and she fell over mum and landed on the floor."

He looked at the class, ready for his big finale.

"I took this picture this morning for show and tell. Mum is next to her and they haven't moved in two days. I could only pick one of them though. I haven't seen dad since he put them on the couch."

Robbie stood, waiting for his applause. Mr Wright pulled out his phone and called the police.
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