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Rated: E · Poetry · Death · #2224548
Poem about Doddle, which is the nickname of a sweet child who died.
I was 8 and he was 2,
What in the world are you going to do?

He was supposed to grow up to be my friend,
And drive me crazy again and again.

We had so much fun, we would run and run,
He was my parent’s only grandson.

That made me his uncle and him my nephew,
But being an uncle at 8, made me kind of blue.

He liked to come through my bedroom door,
And dump my toys all over my floor.

He loved to go outside and play,
Run after the dog and chase him away.

There wasn’t a puddle he wouldn’t walk through,
The mud that he found was all over his shoes.

We really liked to play Hide and Seek,
“Where is Doodle?”, I would shriek!

Where is Doodle? Is he under a chair?
Is he under the bed, did he go upstairs?

He can open the door now, did he go outside?
Did he take our dog Denny, out for a ride?

He loved to try and ride my bike,
But he couldn’t do it, he was just a little tyke.

Then one night I heard my Dad cry,
He came and told me our Doodle had died!

How can that happen to someone so young?
He was so adorable, my sister Jenn’s son.

So where is Doodle now? Where could he be?
I now asked my parents to explain it to me.

“He’s in heaven with Jesus”, is what my Dad said,
He looked so sad, and the shook his head.

But what will he do in heaven? I wanted to know.
Will he swing on a star, or slide down a rainbow?

Will he swim with the stars, in the Milky Way?
Will he go to the moon, just for the day?

Will his merry-go-round be, on Saturn’s rings?
Will he get to hear, the angels sing?

Where is our Doodle? Oh where can he be?
There must be a billion things, for him to do and see.

Mom said, “Son, all we really need to know,
Is that God loves him more, than we will ever know.”

“And whatever God, has in store for him,
It will be more wondrous than we can ever imagine!”

I still can’t believe that he could really die,
Tell me again, it must be a lie!

I was going to teach him to climb a tree,
And now, who is going to chase after me?

Where, oh where, did our Doodle go?
It is so sad, but I want you to know.

I’m sure he is happy as he can be,
He is probably laughing and looking down at me.

He now has the knowledge we all wish to gain,
What it is like to be perfect and never feel pain.

Mom came in to hold and comfort me,
I told her that I had just made a plea.

A prayer to God with all my heart,
“Please take care of our Doodle, while we’re apart.”

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