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Discoveries come into focus.
Chapter 51: Yoga

Back in the open air of the campus quad, Joan and Mokuba watched a parade of unique bicycles welded together from discarded parts. Some supported multiple riders and others towered at ridiculous heights. Although not scrapped together like the others, two penny-farthing bicycles cruised alongside the rest.

"There you are!" Jessica's voice caused Joan and Mokuba to turn. However, instead of the familiar faces of Dimitri and Jessica, they saw a green lizard and an orange tiger rendered in bright face paint.

"Hey!" Joan said.

"You show him all the best make out spots on campus?" Dimitri asked.

"One of them," Joan grinned.

"There's a big partner yoga class starting in five minutes," Jessica said, "You guys are going to love it!"

Joan glanced at Tamara and Joe. They'd done a pretty good job blending in for the most part, but after that awkward experience with the psychic, Joan wanted to make sure they wouldn't blow their cover unnecessarily. "Can you two pretend to be a couple? At least for yoga?"

"Sure, as long as we don't have to kiss," Tamara said.

Joe nodded.

"Let's do this then!" Joan, already holding Mokuba's hand, pulled him after Jessica and Dimitri as they wove their way through the crowd. They came upon a stage with a few dozen jumbo yoga mats laid out on the grass in front of it.

Two instructors in yellow and black yoga gear paced the stage with wireless headset microphones. "Grab your sweetheart, your roommate, your study buddy, your sibling, or even a stranger you'd like to get to know. We're here to connect with each other in mind, body, and spirit! Come gather 'round and join us on this journey of interdependence and trust. Partner yoga is about deepening relationships through the power of breath, touch, and movement. Let's make some memories together!"

As the instructors spoke, more and more people filled the yoga mats. Joan selected one and took off her hiking boots while the instructors finished psyching up their new students.

Mokuba sat down and took off his shoes. "Hey, after this, I can say I've taken a course at a university."

"Sure," Joan smirked, "but it's not going to count towards your degree."

"Just teasing the idea. I couldn't leave my employees high and dry."

"Let's start with some mindful breathing," an instructor said. The two instructors met at the center of the stage to demonstrate. "Sit cross-legged, facing your partner. You can rest your hands on your knees or hold hands with your partner if desired."

Mokuba and Joan settled into the position and held hands. As they breathed, they sunk into a world where only the two of them existed. Despite all the other pairs around them, despite the amplified voices of the instructors, they claimed this time and space as their own. A mild and rhythmic electric pulse, like a massage, caressed Mokuba's brain as they unwittingly tapped into the ring's power, accessing one another's emotions.

As they sat back-to-back in the next pose, twisting against each other, Joan felt a sense of comfort and protection seep into her soul. Just as much if not more so than her other men, Mokuba would watch her back. Their bodyguards helped, certainly, but they served more as a first line of defense, a deterrent to threats. As they bent over one another, Joan remembered how Mokuba had wrapped himself around her even as the other CEOs tried to get a piece of her. Even after knowing her only a few days, his allegiance stemmed not only from regard for his own happiness but his brother's as well. Seto had finally stumbled upon a whore he couldn't live without, and Mokuba wasn't about to stand by while some slimeballs that weren't even paying her had their way with her.

They entered a gate pose next, outer arms reaching towards the sky, bodies curving inwards, feet meeting in the center. A sense of welcoming to the future washed over them, openly greeting whatever life would bring them next. They progressed into a modified Warrior 2 pose, gripping each other's forearms and leaning away from each other, ready to face challenges that came their way. A double boat pose and partnered tree pose brought them a sense of balance and harmony.

As the poses grew more complicated, Joan and Mokuba giggled at their own mistakes, reminded by each other not to take life so seriously. However, they also felt a sense of accomplishment at their little victories as they executed the poses on their second and third tries. Just when they felt they'd reached their limit, the instructors called an end to the class with a final, "Namaste."

Joan and Mokuba looked up to see Joe balancing Tamara on his feet, apparently using the opportunity to show off in front of their employers. Then they noticed Jessica and Dimitri doing the same thing and realized both pairs were actually in competition with each other. The Neverlanders switched into yet another challenging pose, and the bodyguards mimicked it. Mokuba and Joan kept watching as another speaker claimed the stage, this one doing some sort of poetry on climate justice.

The yoga instructors came by to collect the mats. "We're glad you're enjoying yourselves, but we need those mats back."

"Sorry," Tamara said as she released her grip on Joe, "got carried away."

"That's all right," one of the instructors beamed. "Perhaps you could join us for our advanced class sometime." The instructor pulled out business cards and passed them around before collecting the mats.

Dimitri sat on the grass to put on his shoes, and the others followed suit. "So, who's hungry?"

"You have to try the eggplant sandwich while you're here," Jessica said.

Mokuba smiled. It sounded weird to him, but after how great the black bean burgers turned out, he couldn't turn down another opportunity to make memories with his eccentric new friends. "Sure, why not?"

They all stood and walked back along a row of white canopies, passing three people on stilts dressed as satyrs. Long pants made with faux fur and hooves on the ends of the stilts completed the illusion.

They approached a stand with a giant banner advertising eggplant sandwiches and made their order. They then found an open spot on the grass and sat down to enjoy their food. Mokuba discovered that, although this wasn't quite like a burger either, it had a delicious smoky flavor. Once finished, they returned their plates and cups to a booth made of painted plywood for washing.

Chapter 52: Choices

After lunch, Mokuba bought a tie-dyed T-shirt much like Joan's. The yoga had made him unbearably sweaty and, after seeing people in outrageous attire all morning, Mokuba decided he'd rather look like a hippie than smell like one. However, even with the shirt change, Mokuba maintained a subtle body odor, which Joan rather liked. She tugged on his arm and said to her friends, "I'm going to go show Mokuba another make out spot."

"Have fun!" Jessica said.

"Our band is performing at four if you make it back to the stage in time," Dimitri said.

"Cool," Mokuba said, "see you then."

With Tamara and Joe once again following from a respectful distance, Joan led Mokuba deeper into campus, past enormous concrete and brick buildings. She pointed out the chemistry lab and the lecture halls where she'd had her favorite classes as well as where she'd attended gatherings with Campus Crusade for Christ.

Wide open doors and signs directed them into a building with a geology exhibition. It housed an impressive display of crystals with placards explaining where they'd come from and how they'd formed. Joan and Mokuba stopped to read a few, but nothing shed light on the mechanisms behind Joan's magic ring other than vague references to tribal peoples using certain stones for rituals. This gave Joan an idea.

After they had seen enough rocks, Joan took Mokuba on a detour to the Native American Studies Department. Along the way, she pointed to a window in the Mathematical Sciences Building where Dimitri once had his office. "See that? Dimitri is probably in a different room now that he's a professor, but I used to drop by here every week when he was a graduate student and drag him to lunch."

"It's amazing how well you've kept in touch with him. I completely lost touch with the few friends I had back in Japan after graduating," Mokuba said.

"Why not fix that?" Joan asked. "Dimitri didn't speak to me for about a year because his ex-wife felt threatened by me. Now I have to admit that Dimitri is really hot, and I've flirted with him a few times, but Dimitri is monogamous, and I don't do monogamy, so he was never really an option for me. Anyway, Dimitri missed my little wedding with Michael because of his ex, but even something like that can't keep good friends apart."

Mokuba sighed. "I was never close enough to anybody back in Japan for that sort of thing to work out. Seto always kept them at a distance, so I wound up doing that too. Even when we went through all that magic stuff and pretty much saved the world together, I never felt that things were ever really . . . real between us."

Joan tugged on the door to the Native American Studies Department and found it locked. It was a long shot anyway. She turned to face Mokuba and leaned against the broad wooden door. A light breeze brought the scent of manure from the nearby Animal Science Barn past their noses. "I've known people like that too. We would work together on a group project and then never speak to each other again."

"Exactly. Fate brought us together, but saving the world was only a group project."

"Anything, if you're forced into it, makes for a miserable experience, and miserable people don't make good friends. That's why I got along so well with the graduate students here. Most of the undergraduates were more or less forced to attend university by their parents or by societal expectations, but the graduate students chose to be here. Sure I had alumni parents, but I chose to go here because I admired them, not because they forced me. Then what I wanted changed, so instead of sticking with the Christian crowd, I moved on. Of course I've occasionally found myself in bad situations, but those only helped me to make better choices about whom to trust. Then, when I found out you and Seto were brothers, and Marc showed me I could trust you . . ."

"You chose to be our whore." Mokuba didn't wait for her to grab him this time. He pressed her against the door and ravished her mouth. Surprised, she resisted for a split second before yielding and letting his tongue roam her orifice. Her hands slid around his back, feeling the raw power of his muscles holding her captive. They went at it for several minutes before the pressure in Mokuba's pants grew unbearable. "Joan, I, uh . . ."

"I know." She giggled while he drew away. "Wanna find a good bush to hide in while our bodyguards stand watch?"

Mokuba looked around. Although the trees provided ample shade over benches and tables where students could study, only sparse shrubbery lined the pathways. Even with the bodyguards serving as lookouts, they couldn't risk anything frisky here. The lack of viable options deflated him. "Maybe somewhere else."

"I know where we might have better luck." Joan took Mokuba's hand and led him south. They walked past more lecture halls and through a complex of six-story dormitory buildings. "Didn't you say you had a theory about the ring?" Joan asked.

"Yeah, well," Mokuba began slowly, "this is going to sound crazy."

"It can't be that crazy. I mean, I just discovered I have psychic powers I can tap into whenever I want."

"Actually, I think I read your mind Thursday evening, but it was because you were really focusing on me and trying to send me a message."

"Really? Let's try that again, but this time you try to send me your thoughts about your theory."

Joan didn't have to ask twice. Electricity pulsed through Mokuba's head, but he expected it this time.

Joan found herself back in the Hyatt bedroom, this time watching herself through Mokuba's eyes as Marc and Seto fucked her. «What if Seto breaks the condom like that? What if that's exactly what he's trying to do? Can we really pass it off as an accident if Joan winds up pregnant from us? What if . . . what if the condom doesn't even have to break?» An electric pulse shot flashes of white light through Mokuba's memory.

The scene shifted to the moment when Seto announced his early departure. Mokuba's heart raced as he tried to act natural while concealing Joan's ring, his hand sandwiched between hers and Marc's. Seto glanced at their stack of hands. "How touching. Listen up. My neural implants keep going haywire, and the only surgeon I trust to remove them is back in Domino City. Mokuba, if anything happens to me, it's your duty to carry on the Kaiba name." A sudden wave of desire shot through Mokuba along with more bursts of white light.

Joan's knees buckled as the realization hit her. The bodyguards stepped forward but paused when Mokuba caught her. "Are you all right?"

Texts from Michael and Marc buzzed into Joan's phone asking more-or-less the same question.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Just pregnant." Joan pulled out her phone and tapped one-word replies to her husband and boyfriend. "Congratulations, you're a dad."

Chapter Song: I Can't Go for That – Hall & Oates

Chapter 53: No Can Do

"I'm sorry," Mokuba said. "I don't know if I can take it back. Should I try?"

Joan stared into the depths of Mokuba's amethyst eyes and found fear there. "You don't want to take it back. Why even suggest it?"

The sharpness of Joan's words terrified Mokuba even more. "I . . . I don't want to force you to have it if you don't want it."

"But that's the evolutionary heritage of our species. Until recently, males could never be entirely sure if a given child was theirs, so they took every opportunity to impregnate a female. I know you didn't think this through, but I'm not angry at you for taking advantage of the ring like this. Just don't deny how you feel."

Mokuba took a deep breath. "All right, I want it, but are you really OK with this?"

"I was OK with this before the IUD came out. I know condoms aren't infallible. Besides, do you really think the ring could have acted without my implicit consent?"

"I guess not." A thousand questions still floated in the nebula of Mokuba's mind. "But it still scares me. I know the psychic gave us a picture of happy things to come, but what if there's a price to pay? What if the ring manipulated the cards so we would let our guard down?"

They began walking again. "I know you and Seto have had some shitty run-ins with magic, but this isn't some cursed ancient artifact. This is new. This is ours, and all four of you want the same thing, so all four of you are getting what you want."

"I hope you're right." They walked in silence for a few moments. "When are you going to tell the others?"

"As soon as possible, but ideally face-to-face in case they panic and try to take it back like you just offered."

"I've never known Marc to panic, but then again I've never seen him face anything like this. The stuff we deal with at work is all digital. Seto might be thrilled to find out he's going to be a father, but he's still going to blow a gasket over the magic. As for Michael, I keep thinking about how he reacted the morning after you got assaulted. Do you want help breaking it to them?"

"I'll be fine," Joan assured him.

They crossed a road, passed some one-story buildings, and their path opened upon a creek lined with trees and bushes of every description. Many of them bore flowers. Mokuba's eyes widened. "You went to university next to this?"

"It's part of the university, actually. Didn't you know we're a huge agricultural school?"

"No. Just . . . wow."

They strolled the path alongside the creek, passing other couples and families along the way. "I forgot how busy this place gets on a Saturday. We'll never get away with fucking in the bushes," Joan lamented.

Mokuba saw her point. Children darted off the main path, finding colorful bugs and bringing them back to show their parents. "Yeah, I'd rather not risk it."

They came upon an enormous wooden gazebo surrounded by plants that only produced white flowers. Joan led Mokuba to the middle and held both his hands as she gazed into his deep, violet eyes. "I always thought this would be a great place for a wedding."

Mokuba thought back to the one shrine wedding his adoptive father had dragged him and Seto to as children for the purposes of making and maintaining business connections. Most elites favored Western-style weddings that turned out to be stuffy affairs, but that one shrine wedding, surrounded by the beauty of nature, had filled him with a sense of awe like no other. This place, though less grandiose, reminded Mokuba of that shrine. "I'll see about reserving it."

Joan counted months on her fingers. "It's going to be the rainy season six months from now. I'm not sure an outdoor wedding is the best idea, unless you're willing to wait."

"I could, but Seto doesn't have that kind of patience." Mokuba nodded at the ring. "Any chance you can control the weather with that thing?"

"Lol, I doubt it."

"Try," Mokuba urged.

Joan turned to gaze at the clear sky, and Mokuba held her from behind. They watched for two minutes while stars exploded inside Mokuba's head. Finally, a small cloud rolled into view. Joan dropped her concentration and let out a victory holler.

Text messages rolled in, this time all to Mokuba's phone.

Michael: Please tell me you're doing that on purpose.

Marc: Cut that out or I won't be able to finish your upgrades on time.

Roland: Something is wrong with Seto. Removing the neural implants didn't help. It's getting worse. He wants you and Joan on the next flight to Domino in case he doesn't make it.

Mokuba sighed heavily. He sat down on one of the benches and took his time replying to the texts while Joan watched from the seat beside him. He paused and looked up at Joan. "Roland has no clue what's going on, but if I tell him now, he's going to tell Seto before we get the chance. And I don't want to go back to Japan right now after spending so much time away from my office for the Summit. But if I don't go, Seto will think I don't care."

"Then tell him. You don't have to drop everything on him at once. Just let him know you've been going through the same thing and that it's related to the ring. It will give him some time to digest things before I get there and tell him the rest."

Mokuba chewed on his lower lip before pulling himself together. "OK, let's get this over with." He dialed.

Seto picked up without delay. "Mokuba, listen closely. I love you. I love Joan. Now that the important part's out of the way, something is fucking with my head. Maybe aliens. I hope it's aliens, like those Neo Space monsters that one kid made for our contest a few years ago."

Mokuba's stomach twisted. He'd never, in all his life, heard Seto babble like this. Seto must truly think this could be the end, and Mokuba knew the last thing Seto wanted was to go out quietly with some sort of rare medical condition before thirty. Mokuba decided against putting Seto on speakerphone in case a passerby caught wind of the CEO rambling like a lunatic. "Seto, what drugs did they give you?"

Joan pressed her ear close to Mokuba's so she could hear Seto. "It's not the drugs. This shit was happening before they opened my skull. Nobody can figure it out. Nobody."

"Relax," Mokuba ordered, "I know what it is."

Joan worried that Mokuba would chicken out, so she spoke for him. "It's my ring. Turns out it's magic. The other guys feel it too."

"Fuck," came Seto's reply.

"At least now you know you're not dying," Joan pointed out.

"Whore, nothing good ever comes of magic. That's why I looked into other explanations even after Sartorius made his accusation. I need you to take that ring off now."

"We tried that already. No can do," Joan said.

"Then we'll have to take your finger off. I'll get the best surgeons on it. You'll have a prosthetic replacement even better than the original. I'll engineer it myself."

Coming from a genius who'd designed his own neural implants, Joan had no doubts about his sincerity, but she still had to set him straight. "It's done more good than harm. That Sartorius guy was really creeping me out, trying to get me to join some cult. The ring defended me."

"That's how it starts, by luring you into a false sense of security. Just wait until that thing reveals its true purpose."

"Seto, this is ours. We decided on it together. It has lab-created gems, not ancient stones that used to belong to some ancient hooligan. Its true purpose is to serve us. I'll tell you more when I see you. Just don't panic if that head thing happens again, OK? We've got control over this thing."

"What were you doing with it before you called?"

"Moving a cloud," Mokuba answered.

"A cloud? A fucking cloud? Why?"

"To see if we could. In case it rains on our wedding day," Mokuba said.

Seto paused before speaking. "Well, can you?"

"Yes, but the power is weak. It might grow stronger with practice," Joan said.

"Do me a favor and stop fucking around with it."

"For now," Joan agreed.

"I'll see you tomorrow, whore." Seto hung up.

Joan drew back and faced Mokuba. "See? That wasn't so bad."

"He wanted to remove your finger," Mokuba reminded her.

"And he probably would have if I'd told him in Japan. Now he can calm down before the next big piece of news hits him."

"I hope you're right."

Author's Note: I'd like to thank the real version of André for granting me permission to use his lyrics.

Chapter 54: Painted Colors

The walk back to the Blooming Planet Festival eased Mokuba's aching nerves. With each step, he slipped deeper into the fantasy of being a university student. By the time they arrived at the stage, he had forgotten about the ring and Seto's agitation over it.

André, Kris, Dimitri, and Jessica had already set up onstage and begun playing by the time Mokuba and Joan got there. Children and adults alike danced on the grass with freeform jumps and twirls. Joan and Mokuba joined in the fun, the music stitching them closer to this wondrous place and time. André and Jessica sang about trains, about wildlife, about heartbreak, and somehow they made even that into cause for celebration.

Well I thought you skipped off
Leaving my heart black and dead
But when that black chipped off
I saw you'd painted it beautifully instead

For the first time, Mokuba realized that every loss in his life had also brought him a new opportunity. Even the death of his parents, even losing touch with his high school friends and girlfriend had opened doors for him. The threads of his life wove together like a tapestry, and he liked what he saw when he stood back to admire the big picture.

Seto had always scoffed at claims of destiny, but the fact of the matter remained that if all of them hadn't wound up in the lounge of Mokuba's office at the same time, things could have turned out much differently. If Joan hadn't learned that Seto and Mokuba were brothers before Seto approached her, if she hadn't received warning of Seto's tastes, she might have taken offense at Seto's approach. Instead, she'd seen an opportunity and seized it, much like Seto had when he'd challenged their adoptive father to a chess match in order to get them out of the orphanage.

Mokuba locked eyes with his dance partner. Like Seto, she didn't wait for destiny to happen to her; she created her own destiny. If she hadn't met him and Seto, she would have kept searching until she found the brothers she wanted. Mokuba laughed when he remembered Marc had three brothers.

"What's so funny?" Joan asked.

"Have you met Marc's brothers?"

"No, but I've seen pictures." Light danced in Joan's eyes. "I know the Aurelios are a long shot anyway, but if they ever took interest in me, do you think Seto would make an exception for them?"

"Your time is stretched thin as it is." Mokuba pulled her to him. "What makes you think I'd make an exception for them?"

Joan sensed Mokuba's ardency, his desire for private intimacy growing again. His need sprung not from any desire to control her but from the simple fact that the clock was ticking on both of their lives. She fell into his kiss as the chimes of the campus clock tower resounded over the quad, signaling an end to the Neverlanders' performance and six hours remaining before Joan's flight to Japan. Damn, they'd already packed up the tent, and she didn't want to impose on Jessica again for help putting it back up. Ideas about where they could copulate flew through Joan's mind and she shot them down until one crashed through her common sense.

Joan broke the kiss, grabbed Mokuba's hand, and ran to the back of the stage where the Neverlanders were packing up. "Hey André!"

"Yeah?" the bald musician responded.

"Can Mokuba and I fuck in your room if I give you a blowjob afterwards?"

"Say what now?"

Joan went back to square one. "Remember how last night you told me to ask for your cock tomorrow since you were high and all that?"

"Not really, but sure, if your man is cool with that."

Stunned by the sudden turn of events, Mokuba simply nodded.

"Sweet!" Joan kissed André on the cheek. "We'll meet you back at Neverland."

Joan took off with Mokuba, their bodyguards still following at a respectful distance. They passed through town by a different route, crossing diagonally over a grassy park with a couple of community centers and a rose garden. They crossed two more streets and stopped in front of a cute red brick church with a little bell tower that looked like something from a storybook.

"Here's where my parents got married," Joan declared.

As the congregation's 5pm Saturday mass progressed, music from their unique version of Agnus Dei drifted out of the wide-open, arched door. Not wanting to go in, Joan simply stood there and sang along for old times' sake, letting Mokuba bask in the fantasy of belonging to this community for a few moments. Joan noticed some of the parishioners glancing outside and decided to leave before any of them recognized her.

"Are you sure we can't have our wedding here?" Mokuba asked as Joan dragged him away from the church.

"I'm sure we could if you threw enough money at them, but I don't worship that god anymore. I still like Jesus in some ways, but his dad, the white man in white robes with a white beard among white clouds is for people with daddy issues." Joan clapped her hand over her mouth the instant she remembered Mokuba's upbringing. She scanned his face for a reaction.

"You have a point there," Mokuba admitted. "I've been considering therapy for a while now. It's just that Seto always handled that stuff on his own, and I thought I should be able to put it behind me as well."

"Do what you need to do," Joan said. "The same things don't work for everyone."

They walked the rest of the way to Neverland in silence, admiring front-yard gardens as majestic trees shaded their path.

Chapter 55: Epicurus

The closer they came to their destination, the more Mokuba's excitement mounted. He worried that fucking in someone else's bedroom without their presence would be awkward, but by the time they got there, horniness had overridden his hesitation. André's pile of smelly laundry, his novelty glass bong, his desk overflowing with papers, none of it mattered as Mokuba pulled Joan's tie-dyed shirt over her head and caressed the smooth skin underneath. His greedy mouth roamed her flesh as more of their clothes came off.

Joan pulled a condom out of her purse.

"Do we really need that now?" Mokuba asked.

"Ever heard of dripout? It wouldn't be very nice to do that to André's bed. I also haven't cleared this with Michael yet. Besides, what if someone slipped LSD into those eggplant sandwiches, and we hallucinated everything about the ring?"

"Uh . . ." Mokuba froze. "Have you ever been on LSD?"

"No, but given the crowd where we just were and all that we've been through today, I wouldn't rule out the possibility that we got spiked just yet. Don't stop, though. I want you. With a condom."

Mokuba took the condom from her and applied it. Joan wrapped her legs around Mokuba's back as he joined with her, taking him in fully. Mokuba relished every second of it, knowing that he would need to hang onto this memory while she was in Japan fucking his brother.

Mokuba wondered what Seto would think if he could see them now, fucking away in some stoner physics professor's bed. The whim suddenly turned real as Mokuba felt the all-too-familiar electric pulse surge through his brain, electrocuting his pleasure center and sending him into the most exquisite orgasm he had ever experienced.

Before he could catch his breath, Mokuba's phone buzzed to life with an incoming call from Seto. He picked it up on reflex. "What the fuck, Mokuba? I told you to stop fucking around with the magic. And where the fuck are you?"

"Sorry, that was an accident," Mokuba said sheepishly.

"Is my whore still with you?"

"Yeah, I'll put you on speaker so you can talk to her." Mokuba tapped the screen.

Seto's voice filled the room as he repeated his earlier question. "Where the fuck are you?"

"At my friends' place," Joan replied.

"What is it, some sort of rat-infested brothel?" Seto scoffed.

"Not at all. My friends live an epicurean lifestyle, not in the modern sense of the word, but in the sense the Greek philosopher Epicurus originally intended: a simple life surrounded by good friends. They're all atheists here, too. You would like them," Joan explained.

"The fuck I would. I don't care what they call it; it looks like a slum."

"If you think this is a slum, you should see my apartment."

Seto fell silent.

"OK, so André's room is messier than the rest of the house," Mokuba admitted, "but the people here are incredible. They're intelligent and talented and hospitable. Just give them a chance."

"I already told you a thousand times that friends are a waste of my time. Do what you want, but don't send me any more goddamn visions." Seto hung up before Joan or Mokuba could argue back.

Joan lay back on the bed. "He's really mad. I'm going to have to find a way to make it up to him."

Mokuba clutched his head. "But it's my fault. I just wanted him to see what I love about this place, and he took it the wrong way."

A knock at the door startled both of them out of their dilemma. "Yo Joan. We brought home tacos. You want my churro as an appetizer or dessert?" André called.

"Appetizer." Joan wanted to follow through on her bargain before time slipped away and they had to leave for the airport. "Hold on a minute, though."

Mokuba tied off his condom, tossed on his clothes, pocketed the condom, and turned back to Joan. "Don't take too long." He kissed her and caressed her breast one more time before opening the door. He gave an eager André an awkward smile as they passed each other and wondered for the umpteenth time what he'd gotten himself into.

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