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by Adam
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A poem about feeling lost and hopeless.
I feel like I am lost in a dark and silent place
It spirals all around me and here there is no space
All I want to do is run, I just want to be found
But how can this happen in a place that has no sound?

I've been trapped here a while, retreating into myself
I feel I'm crawling backwards, all this is damaging my health
This place attacks my senses, yet there is nothing here to see
This place is eerily silent, it has no tune nor melody.

The silence is the worst part, the worst part of it all
When you are within this place, it makes you feel so small
There is no light or tunnel, there's no stars up in this sky
This place is just so sickening, it always makes me cry.

Everybody knows this place but each body has their own
I know mine very personally, but to me yours is unknown
This place is our twisting thoughts, I know what it intends
It wants me to change and warp, to send me round the bend.

This is where the fight comes in, this is where I must last
This is when I'm meant to be brave and step up to the task
But I know i don't want this, I just want it to rewind
Back to when I was safe again, from this place I call my Mind.
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