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by Paul
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He Invented the machine then traveled back In time for a significant visit!

         “It’s him! By god, it worked. It’s 1947 and it IS him. The houses! I remember Quonset Huts as bigger, and the cars—”
         “Hi, you live here? My name is Paul, I’m from California and I’m thinking of moving here.”
         “I’m Richard Gordon, nice to meet you. That’s a strange coincidence, I have a 5 year old son named Paul.”
         “You’re joking me.”
         “Its true. Our house is just around the corner. Would you like some coffee? you could meet him and my wife, Geaneva”
         “Thank you, but I shouldn’t, I’ve been sneezing and coughing, don’t want to pass it on.”
         “Pass it on?”
         “I don’t want them to catch it.”
         “Ohh, must be a California phrase. What do you do?”
         “I’m an engineer and design computers.”
         “Computers? Computers are people.”
         “Sorry, I design the equipment they use.”
         “Ohh, adding machines.”
         “Yes. What do you do for work?”
         “This may bother you, I’m an undertaker.”
         “It doesn’t, you work with expired people, I work with expired machines sometimes.”
         “Thats an interesting thought. Expired machines, it’s almost like they’re alive for you.”
         “Sometimes I think they’re smarter than me.”
         “They’re just machines, tools essentially.”
         “Yes, but some of the new stuff is great.”
         “That’s a long way for a job. When do you think you’ll move? What about your family? Your wife. Do you have kids?”
         “No, it’s just me.”
         “You'll like it here, The Project is inexpensive and peaceful with a lot of friendly people, I’ll introduce you around after you move.”
         “I’ve never seen so many Quonset Huts in one place.”
         “War surplus, but it provides houses many can afford. I’ve got to go, there’s something important i have too tell my wife and I don’t know how. It’ll change all of our lives.”
         “May I be allowed to ask what it is?”
“My doctor just told me I have advanced tuberculosis and may lose a lung. He said a sanatorium would be best. I can’t Let my wife and children catch this too.”
         “I think you’ll find your wife is a very strong woman. I’d just tell her and ask what she thinks. Talk about all the options.”
         “But, what’ll become of us?”
         “I don’t know, but both of you deciding is what I’d suggest.”
         “Thank you, it’s been nice talking to you, but I have to get home now. I have to tell Geaneva. I hope to see you again after you move. When you get over the cold you could meet my wife and sons. Good bye.”
         ”Good bye, da— Richard. Sorry, almost forgot your name.”
         “It’s not a problem. I forget names too. Thank you for the advice about telling my wife. We’ll meet again.”
         “Will he turn and look … yes and he waved … he smiled when I waved … a kind man … I wish we could meet again.”
         “Goodbye, Dad, I wish I could have grown up knowing you. I wish you could have been there as my father.”
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