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DragonBlue and MoonChild come across an island in the Western Sea
Gliding through winds above mountains of green,
they came across an island in the Western Sea.
Sharp rocks on all sides; it was contained,
Invoked elemental guardians of ancient names.
Upon it was a fortress true
a place they must stop to view.
Surrounding the castle grounds,
a circular stone wall was found.
There were two gates for entry,
North and South, no sentry.
Dragon Blue began to glide
to fall freely as she went wide.
Descending upon the wood entrance
to the keep's towers of eminence;
with a pentacle displayed,
in silver on the first gate.
Sensing no danger
they boldly entered.
Into what now appeared
to be an upward sphere.

No guard lay rest
to block
their entry
nor was it locked.

Dragon Blue took scent of what was there
as she immediately became aware.
Smelling dragon’s blood and cedar sired,
Gifts for them with intent and desire.
The air was crisp with a cackle of static,
Ears peeled-raise hackles enigmatic.
Heard only was the wind to whisper
through the plains and trees of fir.
Scents and aura of Austin pines
filled their souls as sweet red wine.
There was no doubt
that they were now,
walking the path of the ancient ones
as it was sacred to behold in unison.
Divine Love filled their hearts;
as in quiet awe they were a part,
of the natural energy
that here, ran freely.

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