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Science stands proud despite those who pervert it.
Progress comes with a cost;
science is a whiz kid
aiding society, civilization
improving lives, clean water
electrical energy, motors,
agriculture and understanding
the atom…Newton developed
calculus, theory of gravity
when he once saw an apple fall.
Corruption comes among the good; 
computers and the Internet
as viruses wait to crash
the system—it is bad
deals with at a cost.
Lives lengthened
with vaccines,
advance of medicine,
a plethora of drugs
and understanding 
biology, the microscopic…
yet add to that bane of bad
a novel virus now, Corona,
perhaps man-made, we
do not know for sure.
Even modern jetliners
used as instruments
of death; who will ever
forget 9-11.  There always
seems to be the want, 
an innate need to
spoil the Vichyssoise.
Still, science grabs
a beach towel, soaks
in the sun relaxed,
content with no regrets.

36 Lines
Writer’s Cramp

—whiz kid
—bad temper
—beach towel
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