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Below the surface of turmoil and watching from the wings the Aliens are becoming impatient
When I run out of possible explanations, for what is going on in the world, my only recourse to going further and further afield in finding a hypothesis to fit the facts. I call these facts but there's some assumptions tossed into the mix. This is necessary because our government is not sharing the full truth of what they know about Extraterrestrials. Sometimes they show us a crumb like the TIC-TACS that appear in the gun camera footage of jet fighters but for the most part this is Forbidden Knowledge. As a result of the extraordinary measures taken by the Deep State, I have little choice but to use assumptions, a tool I generally reserved for matters involving futurity, in getting to the bottom of what is really going on. However, like I said above, this becomes necessary when the truth is being deliberately withheld, suppressed and obscured. Further it's widely held that the future and the past are connected in some sort of a huge circular chain and that events repeat themselves in a pattern of unending regularity. If citizens are deliberately kept in the dark about the past how can they prepare themselves for the future?

When I look at what the FAKE NEWS is doing to this country I'm appalled. Why has the media devolved into a propaganda tool that resembles the mind control apparatus of a Communist state? Why has Freedom of the Press been coopted to undermine the very Constitution that protects it? The answer I'm forced to conclude is that the Socialist form of Government is the norm in the universe. This form of government allows an elitist upper class to rule the minions. It is the universal model that has come to exist throughout the Cosmos.

When the Extraterrestrials see a social order has evolved that provides an alternative they become concerned. When this system of governing results in a dynamo of creative and economic energy they notice. And, when this political system takes a planet in years what has taken them centuries to achieve, they see it as an existential threat. I'm not just pulling these conclusions out of thin air but basing them on what I see transpiring around me. Consider this:

The Anunnaki, had a centralized form of government. There was a ruling class, the Nefilim and the rank and file were called the Anunnaki. Both the blue collar class and the technical class revolted as a result of the conditions forced upon them by their rulers. The Nelfilm had to make concessions to avoid unrest and the threat of social breakdown.

In his book, Secret Journey to the Planet Sherpo, Kasten writes that there was an exchange of personnel. Our astronauts were exchanged with an ambassador who remained on earth and humans visited the Eban's planet, Sherpo and returned about ten years later. There is little that has been released but what leaked showed the Eban's socialist form of government.

Plato's Republic shows a division of society into Golden, Silver and Bronze citizens.

The Elites in the United States are salivating for the same thing. Professors believe their true worth has gone unrecognized and that they will be invited into the top tiers of a new social order. Bankers, Old and New money, secret societies, the energy and petroleum cartels, and even the Pope, think they have a seat reserved on the Board of Directors. Communist China and Russia see this as a development that is right up their alley and behind it all, egging on the "Off Shore Forces" are the Extraterrestrials. They have been making it clear from the outset that a prerequisite of induction into The Greater Cosmic Order is a one world government, preferably one based on the model they subscribe to.

The United States offers a radical alternative to the historical norm, one that shows the potential of what a free people can achieve when unconstrained by a centralized, beehive mentality. Further the resources controlled by the USA are intended as the bill payer for the new order. Americans might just as well get used to the notion that they are going to have to come down a few notches so the third world can come up. That will be the pitch but the reality will be that the new revenue will be syphoned into the hands of greed and corruption.

It is a sad thing that Americans are just sitting back and inviting the inevitable. Very sad indeed. If Trump wins in 2020 it will be a huge setback for the 'Progressives," not to mention the off shore money that bankrolls them. There may be a God after all.
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