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The same old scenery during lockdown was getting me down. What could I do?

Virtual Reality during Lockdown

I've been isolated in the house, like so many others, during this Covid-19 lockdown. Besides the walls of the house, I also see a view from the walking path in the neighborhood, but eventually habituation takes over and I hardly notice it. I needed additional scenic views, but we've not been able to do so.

Oculus Go

For several years, I've been hearing about Virtual Reality devices. Until now, I didn't have the need for them. I bought an entry-level device, Oculus Go, from NewEgg, to investigate.

YouTube gave me some beginner's tips, esp. setup. I don't expect to use the viewer for hours at a time. Also, I didn't tie my logon to FaceBook, while I'm learning.

VR Features

Virtual_Reality_during_Lockdown_html_70e0fa54.jpgSliver of Disney VR Offering

  • There are free apps and there are paid apps.

  • I started with free apps.

    • A 360 degree view at a Germany waterfall and lake.

    • In Disney VR, there's a delightful VR dance by Lumiere on the dining room tabletop. Also be on stage during an ambush of a Star Wars tank.

    • National Geographic took me, canoe-level, to elephants towering above in a Botswana adventure. Six minutes of 360 degree exploring

    • A visit to Hogwarts took me to Florida Universal Studio's exhibit. It gave the feel that I got two years ago when we went there with my daughter and her family. In fact, I kept looking for us in the crowds surging through the streets and shops leading to Hogwarts.

  • I bought Astronaut VR for $1.99. Six edutainment activities from training to ISS to being on the moon.

  • Some other important free viewing apps

    • YouTube. You can watch your regular favorites as well as VR content

    • NetFlix and Hulu. The apps are free. Of course, you have to have a subscription to the service to view content.

    • Oculus Browser, to roam the internet.

Lockdown Inside

All in all, VR provides an escape when lockdown has deadened my senses.

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