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A story of a young singer/songwriter who goes to unusual lengths to reach the world
One Voice - Introduction

Daniel is a shy, caring young man who struggles to fit in with the turmoil of life around him. His one escape is his gift for music. A chance encounter with a beautiful music talent scout leads him to launch his career in the music industry, but on his terms, singing about the positive things that inspire him. After some moderate success, his agent tries to convince him to vamp his music up and imitate the music world. Daniel refuses and finds himself losing support. In frustration Daniel comes up with a plan to test the world of music and the public's perception of fame. He invents an alter-ego, an aggressive rock icon who challenges the world with his coarse, dynamic music. Wearing a mask during all online performances, this new star finds unexpected fame and notoriety, placing Daniel in an uncomfortable position of maintaining the deception and playing two singers whose songs and ideologies are diametrically opposed.

When events take a sudden bizarre turn, Daniel is forced to confront his demons and choose which of his two music stars will live and who will die. But deception and fame have a heavy price, and the world tends to destroy the things it loves.

Chapters to follow.
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