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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Animal · #2224730
But very much MINE!
As I walked slowly up to my brick apartment in the grey sky of another morning after working all night in the cotton mill, I could hear my guy. He was bumping hard up against the plywood inside of the apartment door that protected where we lived in New York City.

There were already people beginning to mosey around outside. The city was not ever asleep. Not this part anyway. Other folks were bringing their pets out where they would immediately pee on the ground or sidewalk.

We weren't supposed to let them do that but most people did. I mean, who is going to argue with an animal's bathroom emergency? Not me!

I waited, as I usually do, for most of the people to let their animals finish up and then start walking back to where it was they came from. Then I rushed inside and up the stairs to my apartment.

The door was splintered where my baby flung himself against it so hard from the inside!

I pulled my keys out of my tight jeans' pocket. I looked fair in tight jeans but the tighter they were, the more I could feel the keys! I sure did not want to lose track of them!

The keys jangled as I slid the stem of the silver one into the doorknob. Yes, silver. Sterling silver, as a matter of fact.

As the last notch in the key slid into its slot, the door burst out from its safety latch. "I'll have to replace it yet again," I was thinking but did not get a chance to fuss out loud before my baby bounded out into the narrow hallway, knocking me off my feet!

He thought I had snacks in my pocket every time since the one morning I'd brought them!

He had been thrown away by his master. He was such a small pup the first time I saw him. He was very unusual looking!

Behind the chain links of the cage, he appeared to be small enough to crawl right through! I had to rescue him before the other dogs ate him!

No, wait, he was not a dog, perse', his fur was spikey and grey-silver. His canines were protruding from his mouth and he looked like a cross between a tasmanian devil and wolf.

Then, again, I could go to visit him in the span of days before I got his papers straight and he looked exactly like a sheepdog, or a crossbreed of several! I had to hurry and get him home before I lost track of him altogether!

After the papers were finally accepted, I gently placed him in a carry cart I bought for precisely this event so I knew I had not misplaced him. But when I got home and prepared to remove the carry cart from the back of the jeep, he was gone and in his place was a human! The face was all these really weird colors and I realized later my pet was a shapeshifter, able to morph but only into his idea of what he actually imagined. So his idea of a human came out with a face of many colors!
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